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Either 1 of the following:

1.94+ tail light assembly
2.Border rep. side and rear adds
3.93+ wheels
4.93+ rear suspension w/Tein springs(fair condition)
5.from dp to muffler 2.5-3"

Sorry, about that but it a rebuilt and updated computer is in great working condition its a Dell GX150(slim tower) 1.1G processor, 40GB HD, PenIII celeron prc., 312mb RAM, 3.5 floppy drive, Compact disk drive, Running Win. XP Pro. wit most Win updates. also in Direct X 9.0 end-user

Has 4 USB ports Eternet(LAN) ready. Im giving it away with a 16" monitor, opitcal USB mouse (5-button w/ wheel), stand. Dell keyboard, a brand new surge protector.

I barely used it after i rebuilt it and its been covered and sitting there for some time now and i just want to trade it for one of those items above. Will deliver and setup(if needed). Great for home use, or if in college great for skool. The value with everything $450+, o and the whole system is Black

and i have another one with same stuff as above for sale for $475 even.
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