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1985 Toyota MR2

I am moving, so I have to sell a few cars.
Up for sale first is my 85 sunroof. I'm not going to separate the good and the bad, so here is everything, and you can decide whether it's a good or bad point.
-Flat black rattle can paintjob, flaking in some parts, definitely needs a real paintjob. I didn't care since it was just my daily.
-240ZG flares, bolted on, old fenders cut.
-Red front bumper, black lower valance is not bolted on.
-No eyelids.
-Decent interior, small cracks.
-Motor runs strong.
-262,636 miles on chassis, head gasket/water pump has been replaced.
-Oil replaced with Mobil 1 synthetic every 3000 miles.
-Transmission needs a new axle seal on the driver's side. It literally takes about 20 minutes if you have the seal. (Unbolt axle, pop out stub axle, take out old seal, pop in new one.)
-Stock oil pressure gauge does not work, since it never got plugged back in.
-Exhaust is a 2.5" pipe to a 2.5" Magnaflow cat, out to a 4" (I believe) tip.
-LOUD AS HELL. I have a stock exhaust that you could have an exhaust shop weld on.
-Original transmission blew, replaced it with a used transmission.
-5th gear pop-out.
-Ground Control coilovers w/Tokico Illuminas.
-Stock headlights.
-No front lip.
-Black painted valve covers. I stripped the old paint, primered, and shot it with high-heat paint.
-No radio.
-Pioneer speakers on the left and right, no rear speakers (pre-87 did not come with rears.)
-Seats are in OK condition, but they are comfortable and all the adjustments work.
-Old tint has been removed on the driver's side window, but the passenger side window is peeling badly, and the rear window has bubbles.
-Registration expired in September 2009.
-87+ sides.
-87+ tail lights (original lock is still in there, but the key still reaches it.)
-Razo shift knob.
-Momo shift boot.
-Driver's side door panel needs to be replaced, it's coming off at the top.
-Electric locks.
-Electric windows (both working.)
-Needs to be smogged. That exhaust should pass, but not 100% sure.
-Rear valance/lip thing has been cut off.
-Stickers all over the damn place, you can take them off if you like...I'm a sticker whore.
-Battery might need a trickle charge. If it sits a few days without driving it doesn't have enough power to start. This just started happening recently, although I only drive it up and down the street to get the oil moving.

I need a whole section for the wheel fitment:
Wheels - 5Zigen FN01R-C, 17x9, +20, 4x114.3
I have 25mm bolt on adapters on there since MR2's are 4x100.
Front tires are 205/40/17 Yokohama Parada SPEC-2, rears are 225/45/17 Michelin Primacy. Rears are way too big for the car, but I never changed them out. They have some of the sidewall rubbed off.
Front suspension is as low as it can go, rear can go down maybe about half an inch more.

Here are some things you may have seen on it that are not included with the car:
-Nardi steering wheel
-Raybrig H4 housings w/HID's
-Black bumper
-Sparco harnesses
-Bee*R rev limiter
-Signed glove box door (stock one is included)
-Cusco camber plates/pillow ball mounts
-Gauges/gauge pod

PRICE: $1500 with wheels
---------$800 w/out wheels

If you want to trade me a good condition car, let me know, I'll consider anything.

1984 Toyota Celica Supra
I bought this in the hopes I would have the time to work on it.
That didn't happen.

-Autopower bolt-in roll cage.
-Bucket seat.
-Fire extinguisher.
-Window net.
-Momo steering wheel.
-TRD spring set.
-Tokico Illuminas.
-Custom front air dam.
-Fully built hi-comp engine.
-Wiring harness was ghetto rigged and chewed up, so I took it out. Needs to be re-wired. I was just going to hard wire everything.
-Interior mostly stripped according to SCCA regs.
-Mismatched tails. I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out.
-Rust on trunk.
-Rear roof wing.

PRICE: $1400
If you want to trade me a good condition car, let me know, I'll consider anything.

Pictures for the Supra are a few posts down.
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