Been looking for a while on FB marketplace/classifieds here/ MR2 groups on FB/etc. Havent seen a whole lot that fits my criteria, and the ones I have sold too quickly. Figured I'd post here and see what members might have.

Preferences more or less listed in order of importance to me. The closer to my bottom end budget, the more deviances from my preferences I'm ok with. Budget is in the $10-$15K range.

-Non-Project Car (More than willing and capable to work on the car as issues arise, but un-interested in a car that needs much work as-is). Looking for turnkey with decent maintenance history.
-Relatively clean body/paint/interior.
-Clean title (could potentially accept rebuild but that'll put me at the very bottom end of my budget or lower)
-Later generation the better
-Closer to Atlanta,Ga the better.
-Either stock or tastefully/subtly modded

My only automatic deal breakers are it being an automatic or it being non-running. Will happily look at any others though.
Seems like my best bet is to pony my top end of the budget to around $20K which opens a whole other set of doors. But idk, thought I'd see whats on here first.