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WTB Rear Caliper Brake Bracket BOLT! HELP

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Hey guys

The Bolt that Holds the Rear Caliper Bracket Are missing
the just feel off!!! and yes i was driving i was not able to brake :eek:

i need That Bolt ASAP

any one have some extras

let me know im in Brentwood
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I have a few of those.. but you do know you can just get a bolt in the mean while at hardware store to replace it with for now.
how much you will sale me some

plus i dont know the size there completly gone Missing !

let me know i can try to pick up today

i just need to find a car!!!! cuz i cant drive my car
which bolt? the bracket to hub bolt or the caliper to bracket bolt? I'm not home now anyways. I'm at relatives house in Walnut Creek. I can tell you which bolt to get at like OSH or ACE or whatever just to use temporarily.
if its the caliper to rotor isnt it just a 14mm?
the bracket to hub bolt

also thanks you guys for helping me out!

if any one of you guys have one let me know !
Any one have an Extra that i can buy ?
well I'm home now.. you can come over and pick it up if you want.
Did he ever come get it?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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