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Noooo.... sort of.
I was bumped there about 6 years ago. The 'repair' that was done is slowly disingrating. I have 2 replacement doors (don't ask) and a rear panel. I'll just keep an eye out for one. meanwhile, it just looks weird.
I just replaced the windshield (a rock on RT 78) which put me back about $250. The next project will be all 4 struts. I will schedule that for a weekend where I have the whole weekend to play with it.

I will have my 81 Celica for sale as soon as the weather gets more stable. It runs great, just the rust has gotten ahead of me.

Last March I purchased a brand new used Mazda mx6 to replace the Celica. It had 53,000 miles on it. 2 door coup. A little old lady in Morristown had it. She was selling it because it was lower that her husbands' new car and it was harder to get in to. It was garaged kept. There was a carpet on the wall where the DS door might hit. Since then I've had it to Poughkeepsie, NY, east end of Long Island and Washington, DC. Oh... did I mention that it is a 1988?

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