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Write Up-AP Engineering Apexi Power FC for 1991-92 MR2 Turbo 2nd Gen. USDM 3S-GTE

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JDMR2TT nice write up .You have pointed out the FAQ about the pfc .
We should start a DO & Don't and tips about the PFC
This is a great EMS and very user friendly

That first diagram that you have, I have never found that one before. Most of the diagrams leave out the USA 93-94.
So the power FC can be set for speed/density reading on a gen2. I'm guessing you had to buy the sensors straight from toyota? also does the power FC have knock and wideband monitoring. thanks really interested in this system, especially since its cheaper then AEM.
JDMR2T-you've made very useful detailed information for us. Am designing to go with this ECU in the future and you know what you've made my day a lot easier. Thanks man.

P.S. - Don't remove all this write up yet. There might be some people interesting in this too.

By the way, who got Gen3 map sensor for me?
So I can buy the Commander and 3 sensors and have a 'functioning' stand-alone? I might be able to get my tuner let me use the commander.
Great write up JDMR2TT!

Now this might not apply to USDM models but this is what I was told:

"Unfortunately the AP Engineering Power FC for SW20 cannot be used on 1990 model. It is designed to be used on the SW20 built from 1/1992 to 10/93."

I assume the 1990 model has a Gen1 3SGTE ? (or is that such a thing for SW20s ?)
What are the differences?
I believe my SW20 is a 1991, hence would I still be able to use the AP PFC?
What is the best way to check what year the car is?

GTII said:
"Unfortunately the AP Engineering Power FC for SW20 cannot be used on 1990 model. It is designed to be used on the SW20 built from 1/1992 to 10/93."
:mad: Can anyone please tell me why this would not work on a JDM mr2 built in 1990. Is there any way to get around this problem other than get a different stand alone? :mad:
If you find me the wiring diagram(of your'90 JMD), I can send you info how to modify the harness to make it work

Do I move FPR to RLY ? and should I cut +B1 or just leave it alone?
Tibi91 said:
Do I move FPR to RLY ? and should I cut +B1 or just leave it alone?
Hi Tibi91, I assume you have a USDM 91T with AP Engineering PFC...correct? If yes, you should leave the +B1 alone.

Here is the thing I didn't mention ealier. From the "USA SW20 GEN2 1991" ECU diagram at above, it doesn't show some of the label of the other pins that you need to rewire. I really recommend you to open the stock ECU to take a look at its each label of 22 pin connector so you will have better idea.

Ok, let's look at the 22 pin connector of "USA SW20 GEN2 1991" diagram and counting from the left to should repin:
-the 8th pin lower row of USDM 91T to the 4th pin upper row of JDM 93T (That's "PSCT").
-the 9th pin lower row of USDM 91T to the 6th pin upper row of JDM 93T (That's "PS").
-the 4th pin upper row of USDM 91T to the 8th pin lower row of JDM 93T (That?s ?ABS?).

I didn?t rewire FPR to RLY, I left it alone. Double check if you wired ?G-? and other pins correctly. Once again, you should make triple sure by opening the stock ECU box to check its labels. Each label locates on each pin on ECU circuit.

If it?s still not working I might have to contact one of our Apexi PFC specialist --> mrlaw!!!

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Here is everything I moved:
STJ ----> RSO
ABV ----> G2
/ ----> NE
G2 ----> TPC
NE ----> TVIS
TVIS ----> G1
FC ----> G-

KNK ----> PIM
PIM ----> KNK

ABS ----> PS
/ ----> RLY (which I assumed was the same as FPR)
FPR ----> PSCT
PS ----> ABS
PSCT ----> FC

I'm not getting any codes everything is functioning but I am not getting any fuel.
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I too Also have the GEN 2, MR2 REV 1 1990 MODEL how can I use a GEN 3 POWER FC or GEN 2 power fc to suite?
Great guide JDMR2TT, 1 thing i have noticed which im not sure is right is that in the second diagram you say to use the wires inside the afm to link to the Air intake temp sensor using the engine lid sensor but doesn't it say in ap engineering manual to use the AFM wires for the MAT sensor in manifold.

Mine is setup at mo the way you have said in manual and works fine but my tuner was saying that when he views through commandor the air temps are taken from the Air intake sensor not the manifold one and using the datalogit kit the second Aimt is all messed up.

I have no sensor lights on so im not sure whats up. and which way is right

surely u want air temps to measured from manifold

Thanks buddy
if anyone out there has the pin out diagram for gen1 1990ish jdm turbo please post up. there are like 10 of us aussies waiting to find out if we can all buy ap engineering power fc's to wire up and make work. thanks.
Hey there, i'm in Aus. I just finished installing the ap on my 90model jdm import. Works fine. I'll see what i can dig up. check out this site. it has all the 3sgte pinouts. The ecu in my car was P/N:89661-17330 (8912-9003) I just moved the pins so that they ended being the same as P/N:89661-17380 (9112-9311). I then hooked up the supplied mat sensor to the airflow meter wires 5 & 7. Then turned off the boost control feature (default setting is on) and it started straight up. Havn't installed ait yet. Not sure if it is really needed on the ap model. To make it easier, i purchased a ecu patch harness from Autosport wiring. I then moved the pins on the harness (so i can swap my old ecu back in if need be). Thats it. Just find the PN on your current ecu, and change it to over to look like the 17380. Hope that helps. :) Have a nice day
No problem. If you need help, just let me know.
90 model pinout ecu PN:89661-17330,17331,17332 to 92 model ecu PN:89661-17380 conversion.
Hope it helps.


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