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Here is my summary report, keep in mind I'm not a mechanic and I'm little to nothing in electronics...

The car is a light blue 1991 Turbo, manufactured 1990 in Japan (slow import route, passing US, then germany then finally Italy), around 100k miles, seems original, no downing done on the odometer...

Well, the chassis seems straight, no major dings: no signs over the suspension attachments, either 4 plates are ok, no visible rust either or cracks all over the visible chassis /exteriors.The rubber of the T Tops seems quite soft, and even if I didn't put water on the roof, it seems to me that it could be in good sealing condition.Interiors are quite mint, some major wear on driver side seat (no cuts) , the rest of the plastics are ok, it still has the 1991 radio cd cassette unit, with the power antenna working.Both frunk and trunk are mint, no signs of any big usage or scraches around of any type...

The "declared" mechanical problems, verified as presents:

- Brake discs are ovalized, vibrating badly as you even gently push pedal
- wheel bearing of the rear right wheel is shot, making a damn TRUM TRUM TRUM noise
- the engine "swear" oil moisture from the top, on the valve cover, but it doesn't seems to do it on other spots (no head leaks, but I couldn't check the underside of the engine, so I suspect some lower leak to be usual on mr2's or celicas's 3SGTE bottom ends are quite leaky afaik....)

The real problems I found out checking:
temperature needle stayed on C, no rising, but some slightly hot coming from air vents in the dash...bad thermostat I think...
Check light was ON on powering the car before cranking, code checked AFTER THE RUN it put out :

12)RPM Signal 21)Lambda 34)Fuel Cut Prex Turbo 43)Starter Signal

Cranking was a no problem, half turn and it would idle flawlessy around 800 rpm, no strange sounds of any sort (yes, it was cold when I came, no problem either, just higher idle and some valving sounds having cold oil that disappeared quite soon)
I drove it, and it runs pretty flawlessly, no bad noises from engine / transmission or turbo either, and I took the 110 mph mark (4th gear) quite no problem & quickly ...only problem I had downshifting after the run, I had to come almost to a stop before successing in shifting from 4th to 2nd gear, and 3rd was a no go...but after that I tried again going slower and I had no problem down or upshifting even at similar rpms than before...suspect really bad gearbox oil...

The vendor is asking about 3500 euros, that's about 4200 US$ : I think it could be vaued 3000 euros max, if not lower value....

So, would you buy or would you pass it? Kepp in mind I'm not planning BIG tuning, just some coilover or shocks/springs pack , a turbotimer, a slight boost increase (aiming 200 RWHP max...for a daily it's sufficent IMHO) and 4 decent rims (17" would fit mr2 greatly IMHO) would be my daily car, so I try to find one that could be problemless as much as it could... these ones seems only a matter of "change the piece and go" on it....isn't it? (I reiterate my ignorance on mechanics/electronics, damn me and my work leaving me no time for my hobby !!)

I'll link some photos:


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Here in the US, prices for clean MK 2 cars seem to be slowly rising. Based on what I have seen in my area, that car could sell for between $5,000 and $7,500 USD. Even non-turbo cars are fetching $3,000+ USD in worse condition than the car you describe.

That said, you are looking at a 15 year old car. You can expect a slow but steady list of things that will need repair or attention over time. Although given it's Toyota heritage, the number and seriousness of those repairs should be less than an average vehicle of that age.
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