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First off let me send out a HUGE thankyou to JNSCOTT. Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou! He spent about an hour on one of a couple phone calls today helping me figure out why the heck my damn car wouldn't start. Had fuel and spark and spun over freely. You could fell pistons going up and down. New battery. Farely new Blaster coil, new NGK copper plugs, and good Toyota wires. Good cap and rotor, and dizzy had less than 2 or 3000 miles on it. No sputter no nothing. He suggested my cam timing was off. So I took off the timing belt and reinstalled again making sure everything was TDC. Put everything back together and voila car started for the 1st time in 9 months.

Also thanks to anyone that posted tips to help in my JDM smallport swap.
When I get a chance I am going to put together a list of things to look out for or that need to be changed over from origonal motor.
One thing, the harmonic balance pulley only has 1 timing notch on it as opposed to 3 on origonal motor. Had to eyeball the piston through #1 plug hole while turning crank pulley to get crank at TDC.

I still need to fiddle with ignition timing, install axles, fill tranny, and bleed coolant, but it finally runs.

Bill and Norm there will be another post for you 2.
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