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Wilhelm Race Works Part Strength

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I realize it seems odd for me to be posting in the product review section about my own parts, however a couple of weeks ago I "tested" them in a way that I hope nobody else ever does, and thought I should share the results.

Long story short, a little too much throttle on cold tires in a 365+ RWHP car put me into / over a curb and into a bed of landscaping gravel at a local autocross. Damage included one bent wheel (right front), one bent strut (left front, see pictures), and bent knuckles front and rear on the left side (also pictured).

On an un-damaged knuckle the parting lines in the casting line up:

RCA is parallel to brake rotor on an undamaged knuckle:

Results as they pertain to my custom (Wilhelm Raceworks) parts.

I slightly bent the left front bump steer stud from my geometry adjustment kit, but between the stud and the steering arm on the knuckle, I would say that the steering arm bent more than the stud did.

The rear tie rod bracket on the left rear slipped a bit, but considering that it hit hard enough to bend the knuckle that doesn't seem too bad to me. The right rear tie rod bracket was exactly where it should be.

The rod ends on the front tie rods have a little play in them and need to be replaced.

All the bolts held, none of the bolts appear to have bent or stretched, nothing failed in any catastrophic way. The upper strut mounts seem to have been un-effected. The aluminum strut rods that I am using (I have not yet offered these for sale), as well as the aluminum rear tie rods, appear to be perfectly fine as well. With a little re-alignment work I was able to drive the car (slowly) home.

I think its reasonably safe to say that if you break any of my parts, you probably broke some stock parts well.
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Now THIS is how you test parts! Sorry to hear about the incident, happens to many of us. This is a true testament to your quality and craftsmanship.
The parts are pretty beefy. I pounded on them with a hammer and only managed to enlarge my spindle hole causing me to have to buy a new spindle. Top notch parts for sure.
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