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I know I just saw a similar topic about this... but I wanted to ask this in a little different way

The reason I am starting this topic is to disproove the fact that you can run a turbo with a stock ECU and no electronic fuel or ignition management system (piggybacks, megasquirt, etc..).

Currently I have a bone stock red-top 4a-ge and stock n/a electronics but with the Supra non-turbo 7M-GE injectors 315cc with a Paxton Fuel Management Unit (FMU) and thats it.... Nothing else. Im only running 5 psi right now... and am yet to really floor the pedal or get past 4500 rpm. because I am unsure of the A/F ratio... and not to forget I still have no downpipe and dont like tickets that much... or waking the neighbors.

A freind of mine claims even at 1 psi of boost you will blow your engine without an ignition system to retard under boost. So I just wanted to ask a couple of other people out there who run without a true fuel or ignition management system what type of injectors/setup they have, and how well the car runs and how long. Please post your setup... note this is for people on the n/a 4age not 4agze electronics.
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