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Where to find Canadian JDM Engine Importers?

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Okay, I got this list from the Ontario Mr2 Club

but half the links don't work.

Are there any reputable engine importers in Ontario. I noticed that most were located in Quebec which is too far for me. I tried Luckystars but they didn't give me much of an anwser. I'm going to go for a Gen2 3sgte. I only need an engine w/ turbo. I'm looking to spend under $2000 for a quality engine.
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I think someone on here went with but it doesn't look like the link is working anymore. Problem is, I haven't heard of any widely used Canadian companies with good reputations that sell MKII JDM engines. I'm currently looking for my clip and I haven't been able to find a Canadian supplier, but the American suppliers can get me a 93 w/lsd for $2500 US for the clip, so you might be able to find a long block with turbo for under 2K CAD. Try calling Ron at Motors Unlimited (1-951-283-3778), he's got a great reputation and he's the Toyota specialist at MU. Only problem might be his location (California I think) which means you would have to get it shipped....but if there is no other option it might be a possibility for you.
what do u exactly need, i can get u an engine + turbo
i have a 1994 3sge in unreal near new condition. was saving it for my 94 mr2 but changed my mind. 700 firm. im in toronto. thanks
Call me up (905) 870 2689, i am gonna go soon to where i pick my engines and other misc stuff, i can get you a good price if you come with me.
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