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well i am about to install a new apex kit on my car , however since i have a hks hi power exhaust , this will mean that i will have no cats, which is a big thing if i get pull over here in cali . Where i live if the police officer doesnt see a cat your car gets impounded . So i need a cat , i was just wonderinf were should i install it . I whant something that i can take off for the track days and put on for daily driving. i was thinking of making another b pipe with a cat on it , so i can use that for dd and go to my hks bpipe when i go to the track. dont know if this will cause issues or not. just wonder if anyone else got a similar setup , or if anyone has any opinions on where i should put it i would apreciate it.

btw , whats the best high flow cat out there .
i was thinking of something like this, dont know if its good.
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