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Where are the 2's in puerto rico

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Ok guys lets revive this
what kind of mr2 and where are you guy's from what part of puerto rico

uger2-guayama puerto rico :thumbup -91 turbo
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Your not in Guayama, Pr you Punk!!!

Typical "****-a-no-English" Your in Springfield, Mass. LMAO
I don't know if you have to be a gold member again to view the old posts/thread i was on here before.

I hit up the Jamaicans on here before too!
They have a nice crew over there.
Lets see who surfaces :smile:
angel.vegacolon said:
I'm back to this threat.......but this time I'm in MS......
Hi Sir, your a Threat! j/k
Yeah, i've owned 9 Rotary cars in the past.
I miss my Rx-3 SP, 85 GSL-SE, Mango just to name a few :thumbup

So, anyone else chime in.
Lets' see pics guy/gals??We need...Chickas 2!!!
I want me a Datsun 2door 510 (5 & dime) also looking for a 240 fairlady right hand drive, i'll pay finder's fee.

Yellow Canary toyo gly???
Ohh, i think you me the...Mango's??
Post a pic, the other's post your cars on here.
Mr2Froto said:
They're all in shops with rotarys being swapped in hahahahah. I'd love to go to PR, the Candungos, sapitos, kp starlets :drool: between that and the women, I'd never come back to the US!
That's my homeboy right there!LoL
He Lovezz the cars mentioned above, but i think he Lovezz Boriqua Honey's...A...Lottt More!!!Not sure in what order :thumbup
91MR.2 said:
Speaking for myself the chica's fo-sho.
No doubt!Chica's can buy me a few thaangs & a few cars on top of that!
Not that i need it, but any extra help that can get me there quicker?!lol
Mr.Vega, yeah...Candungo's.I've owned a few sapito's/Hachi Roku's & 2 1.8's.
I used to talk to a girl froma place called (Rincon Murillo in Cayey) but i ahve no clue, never been to your city.

I lived in P.R. for like 1yr4mths or so when i was like 10 in Aguada/Anasco area.
Sorry, i don't know much in regards to areas in P.R..
So, anyone's gonna start posting pics of their cars & location (roughly)??

I'll post a few when im relaxed in Florida, leaving today (Tuesday)
angel.vegacolon said:
The real model name was the Toyota Corolla, +71,72,73,74...... but if you grew up in PR you might know them as Toyo Gly or Topito......the back or baul were some kind of short......
Corona's had the automatic trannies called:Toyoglide & came with 4 speed manuals too :thumbup
Niice, no pics or videos Mr Noel??
Here's something else:

It would be keewl if you found out and posted pics etc... of that car, just to see something different
Noel, yup! That's the one.
Send me pics if you can/want, to: [email protected]
1 - 10 of 32 Posts
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