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I'm trying to get my car started on the ECUMaster EMU.

For a stock MR2 turbo, is this correct? Should it be "Coils with built-in amplifier"? Or "Coils without amplifier"?

I'm using the PnP adapter and I have a second generation wire harness in a 1991 original MR2 turbo. The car starts and runs on the stock ECU.

This is what the manual says (p. 56):

"Coils type – defines the type of the used ignition coils. In case of passive coils without ignition
modules we should choose the option of Coils without amplifier, in case of coils with the in-built
ignition module or by using the external ignition modules, you should choose option of Coils with
built in amplifier."

It also says:

"In case of passive coils, the choice of the option of Coils with built in amplifier will
lead to the damage of coils or the EMU device!!!!"

Hence why I'm asking.
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