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Wednesday Night Meets

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Continuation of this

I should be at CC on Wednesday night around 7:30. Gotta see if my deuce is roadworthy after BM. Started throwing CEL's left and right and wouldn't boost. So I'm gonna check everything out either tonight or tomorrow before the meet.
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Gonna be moving up to NJ very soon now. Won't be ablet to bring my 2 with me just yet, but I'll be there to take pics. :D
Good to hear.
I want a photoshoot done soon, Lets talk business when you are here... lmao:thumbup
Actually, I used to live there from like '84 to '07. Got my 2 just before I moved. Flew up for the last 4 Bear Mountains, though. :D

As far as why, obviously because of a girl. :thumbup Secondary motive is because Floridump sucks. ;)
lol...i would stay in florida personally but to me jersey sucks!!!
so what we doing this wednesday?
I always want pho, so maybe this time we can team up and push for it together.
I always want pho, so maybe this time we can team up and push for it together.
Yes pho!!! but knowing them they are gonna change it...Lets do it!!! Pho it is!!!
I'm down for Pho or Thai noodles ^__^
call it what it is Pun...Pho...ur name should be Phun :smile:
Baumgart's Cafe, Mitsuwa, BCD Tofu House, Turkish, Cheescake Factory, Grand Lux, Joe's Bar n Grill, and or Burgers!

I guess clifton commons then...not sure if i'll make it tho...
its a new week guys lets make it happen! what location?
the southern lexus guys suggested rai rai ramen in franklin township...anyone going or should we do clifton commons still. let me know
Rai Rai Ramen is closer to me, but I brought my mk1 with me to work in Roseland today and am fine with whichever. I prefer Rai Rai Ramen or Short Hills Mall over Clifton though. Let me know what is decided.
i would love rai rai lol but thats far from me plus my wife was driving my mk1 when she said a red 91 ttop told her to go to clifton commons at 7 today lol
the meet is actually going to be at Uyees in Woodbridge/Iselin. Pun and randy will be at clifton and caravan down to Uyees. I would suggest contacting them if you are going to clifton and if your going to caravan with them to Uyees. if you have any questions or need to contact them pm me.
Sounds good. Trip takes about half-an-hour according to Google Maps, so I guess be at U-Yee by 8pm?


Nevermind. FB post says 6:30. Guessing that would be at Clifton.
Are these still held every week? I'd like to drop by if possible!
Are these still held every week? I'd like to drop by if possible!
Yes they are! If you're on Facebook, there is a recurring event posted in the Northeast MR2 Owner's Group with details should it be anything but the usual Clifton meet. We usually get there around 7 and pick a place to eat. We meet in the parking lot of the Clifton Commons located between the Sport's Authority and the Barnes & Noble.
Yes it is still being held for today but some members will be at the Nutley High School car show so if your free stop by and show support for your fellow members who register. spectating is free but if you want to enter your car you will have to pay.
461 - 480 of 483 Posts
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