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I myself get all my products from wayne at

The towels he sells are awesome and the waxes and polishes are extraordinary. One nice thing about his products are the fact that you hardly use any! It doesnt take much wax at all for the car b/c it is liquid and you can just spray it on with a spray bottle. Pretty conveniant. I spent $100 on a kit from him which inlcluded:
1 microfiber handmit
1 microfiber waffle weave drying towel
2 microfiber application pads
2 microfiber towels to remove wax and polish
1 bottle PEarls Shampoo
1 bottle 1z Metallic polish
1 bottle 1z Glanz Wax

HAd the kit for 2 years and i only ran out of the car wash. Everything else is still going strong. Cant beat it.

IT took my half as long to wash and detail as before. the hand mit wade it easy to apply pressure without losing grip. When i rinsed the car after washin the water beaded so well that it took no time to dry with the waffle weave towel. NEVER HAS TO WRING IT OUT! Then when i used the polish after doing the front fender and letting it dry as i have with any other polish i noticed that you dont need to use much of the product at all! Its actually easier to use too much than not enough. The wax was by far the easiest. Put it in a spray bottle then go around the car, wait a minute the remove. SIMPLE AS PIE! The wax/polish usually lasts me around 2 months. But i still redo it every month just b/c ;)
he also has some good stickies on this site
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