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Water pump job = engine out service? Sw20 2gr

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Anyone done their water pump with the engine in the car? 2gr in a sw20. With AC compressor (not sure if it gets in the way)

Have a rattle. (More than the usual 2gr noises) Think it's the waterpump. I'll remove the belt and run the motor to see for sure. Just wondering if anyone's done it successfully or if I'm looking at dropping the motor. I know even in the 2gr normal applications it calls for an engine out service.
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From the look of it, I think it can be done, but it haven't tried.
^what he said.

I doubt it's worse than a timing belt job on a 3SGTE.
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I know a couple of people who have done it in car. I'd think it'd be pretty tricky but doable.
I've made two videos on the 2GR water pump, one in-car for rav4 chassis, one engine-out.


Engine out

Some tips and tricks:
  • Use an Aisin pump. Other brands consistently fail prematurely.
  • Unfasten the pulley and leave it on the pump - it ain't coming out separately
  • Watch for the two bolts that must be sealed - refer to the manual.
  • The thermostat housing is a real pain in the MR2 chassis. Done this one for bad thermostat.
  • If you don't have one, buy a high quality 1/4-inch ratchet wrench with a short throw. Worth it for a job like this.
  • Probably in the Mr2 it will help to unfasten both torque mounts as well as the engine mount and jack up the engine for better access.
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