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main directory

required components laws

The all important exhaust system law.

Remove you EGR or Cat? Think again...

Window tinting and decals on windows.

How low can you go?

Radar Detectors? hehe. nope.

Can I watch TV in my car while driving?

Can I watch porn while driving?

Look mom.. I am texting you... and I am breaking the law...

Can I put my kid in a safety seat in my MR2?

You must have center high mounted stop light on all MR2s with the exception of the 1985 model year MR2s.

When lights to be lighted; number of lights to be lighted at any time; use of warning light...

Requirements for MR2 lighting

When to dim those 600w HIDs

Are slick lawful?

Yes Virginia, you need a horn.
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