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I want to know what you guys think is the BEST way to hook up the following items as far as vacuum sources go?? I want to make sure that I do it correctly. I have the following items:

GT4088R (has two vacuum fittings on compressor housing)
Tial 44mm (has two vacuum fittings, one on top, and one on side)
Tial 50mm wastegate (I think just the one on top)

I am running, via AEM Standalone, a GM boost control solenoid, GM AIT, and an AEM 3.5bar MAP sensor. Both the AIT and the MAP sensor will be tapped directly into my custom intake manifold. The manifold also has a total of 6 other vacuum barbs available if necessary.

I have heard that everything should get its own dedicated vacuum source, but I wanna be sure. I have also seen a ton of people NOT using the barb on top of the wastegate??? Is it not necessary?? I will be welding my BOV to an endtank on the intercooler. Does it matter which endtank I weld the BOV too?? Thanks for any input on this and take care!
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