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Sorry...I posted this in the FAQ section. If someone could remove it...thanks...

Hello all. This is my 1st post and so far, what I have found has been so much information, my brain cannot handle it. I have never seen such thoroughness. Thanks guys. I have 2 basic questions to get started.

1st...I have an '86 MK1 and a 93 3SGTE to install. The axles came cut in half so the only original 3SGTE CV joint are the ones at the transaxle. Please tell me what I need to build proper axles to match up to the hubs with this engine. Paul Woods mentioned 92-94 Celica st185 front axles and blend...but I don't have the complete 3SGTE axles. So what would be my easiest fix?

2nd...he also mentioned to ask someone if they could supply the wiring diagram from the MK1 to MK2 US spec. His are not US spec but he thinks they should be about the same. Is that true?

I am sure I will run into other issue as the arise.

Thanks for all of your help in advance.

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For wiring, you can look at my post here, but it's for an 88na.

Your 86 likely has significant differences. Best bet is to get an 86 AND a 93 wiring diagram from Toyota. They're only about $15 each.

As for the axles, I think you are starting from scratch if yours have been cut in half. Follow Pauls advice in the sticky.
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