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I purchased a MR2 with a gen5 swap last year from Ty aka TCS Motorsports. Communication was good when he was selling the car, but after I sent payment, things gradually went downhill after he got the money.

He told me he had no problems shipping the car to me because he does that regularly with customer cars, shipping them around the country. I debated between picking it up and shipping and decided on having Ty ship it to me after he gave me a quote. He never shipped it and would not hear back for long periods of time from him. He asked me a few times if what I wanted to do after I told him multiple times to have the car shipped to me. After about 6 months, he quoted me another quote that was 1 1/2 times more then the original shipping quote. So my friend went and hauled it back from Ty's shop on New Years Eve.

When we got it, there were a few things that was disappointing. I specifically discussed with Ty that there were no major problems with the body as I was looking for an MR2 with good paint and a straight body. He assured me aside from a small dent in the roof and hood, there were no issues at all. This was in fact not the case. There were large spots in the frunk where the paint was scraped off down to bare metal. There were also major scratches all over the frunk and trunk which went past the primer down to bare metal also. When I asked Ty about it, he said all MR2's are like that due to it's age, hence him forgetting to mention it. Both my friend that hauled it for me and I have owned multiple MR2's and none have that kind of paint damage. I've also know of quite a few locally and none have that kind of pain issues either.
I take part responsibility for not looking at the car personally, but when purchasing from a shop I have done business with multiple times and well know in the MR2 community, this should not of happened.

The swap was also done in somewhat of a poor condition. Ty stated that he'd driven a couple times before after the swap. When we got the car, the suspension bolts and nuts were missing. There is no way it could have been driven without noticing something was wrong. You can hear the suspension components cracking, twisting, and popping when the car is moved.

The gen 5 swap was done with gen 4 electronics and we made an agreement to include all the gen 5 parts with the purchase (ECU, coils, injectors, harness, etc everything taken off the gen 5 and needed to revert it back to a true gen 5). Ty did not included those parts with the car and when asked about it, he said he would send them along with the bolts and nuts for the suspension. That was 3 months ago. I've contacted him multiple times about those parts and he has yet to send them. In fact, I have not gotten any more responses back from him.

I have purchased from Ty multiple times over the years and never had a problem, until now. Being that this ordeal had drawn out to almost a year, this is not just a fluke or misunderstanding.
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