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We all know how it is, to sell off your beloved, only to realize too late you never should have. So went my search for a Black MKI with little/no rust. Recently that search ended, but it simply wouldn't go without it's abused sibling coming along. So now, comes the tale of two 2's revival!

MR2 #1 -'86 (black) - aka 'lil Raven' , In pretty good condition, but a few rough spots. Favorite Pastime: "Sitting in the barn, and dreaming of twisties" - Supposedly only needed rings/rebuild, but the investigation is proving to be depressing.

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

MR2 #2 - '86 (black/red) - aka 'po bastad', Is in SAD shape. Favorite Pastime: "Enjoying all the little creatures that chosen to live in me." - Has the typical rust, in all the typical places. Big driver's side damage, and missing a few body parts. (Driver's Fender, bumper cover, good bumper, front valence, etc...)

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Car Tire Automotive parking light Land vehicle
(NOTE: You should have seen the mold/dirt/filth after sitting outside under tree for who knows how many years. ALSO it was from VA, and says "Drifted Daily" on the rear window....somehow I doubt that...

Funny enough, #1 has several past red parts repainted black (hood/HL covers/front rad support), and #2 is a black base w/several red parts (door/hood/etc..) In the end they are both black base vehicles (which makes sense for a parts car.)

Day 1- Arrival
Quote of the day - "Holy **** It's got no brakes!!! AIiiiiieeeee" - Tow Driver riding it off trailer. That about sums up the it was immediately telling that the "good condition" MR2 had much amiss. Dried out brake & clutch master cylinder reservoirs! OH NOES! Funny enough the red/black "parts" car, the brakes and clutch work fine!!

Didn't do much except give each one a thorough bath (pics above after), and tried to clean out all the interior spidey friends...(good thing I don't have arachnophobia!!). The amount of crud & mold I removed from #2 ZOMG! (P.S. Don't you like those "slicks"! lol)

Day 2- Interior Clean up
Quote of the day - "I, I, just don't understand what you're going to do with 4 cars!" - Wifey I pulled #1 into the garage and began to attack the filth/build up in the interior. It took a whole bottle of armor all cleaning wipes!! Pretty nasty. The driver's door panel has significant build up that took a couple goes to get decent. Then I went ahead and vacuumed everything cough/gags proceeded... It has the gray seat trim, which I don't care for... much prefer blue/red accented and #2 has blue seats, so I may swap them. Behind the seats was some form of custom (must have looked nice at one time) speaker box. It's starting to yeah, out it goes.

Car seat cover Head restraint Automotive design Comfort Tints and shades

Wish I had taken before pics, but forgot, so here are a few after the clean up.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover
Car Vehicle Automotive tire Hood Steering part

Day 3- How to avoid HoA complaints
Having #2 outside for long, violates our HoA agreement of no unregistered/current vehicles visible on property. So yeah... since I wasn't planning on two 2's, I took a few measurements. Praise be these cars are so small, and my garage so... well you get the idea. Some Harbor Freight wheel dollies, and problem solved!

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
Hood Automotive tire Tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

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Day 4 - The Inspection Begins
Quote of the day - "This is not the kind of answer from you I'm looking for..." - Days of Thunder. So I wanted to immediately start the inspection earlier but was limited as battery sigh (First 200$ I wasn't expecting.) So go buy one, and proceed to finally get down to business checking all #1's functionality. While I was certainly informed of a few issues, this has become laugh-able. The good news is the starter works. The bad, well there's zero fuel in it (oh god no, an empty tank for 2+ years??) So I grabbed the non-ethonal lawn gas jug and put 2 gal in her. Cool empty light goes out, lets prime the system. Fp to B+...and....nothing :rolleyes: Fuses and relay all good. AFM flap test same result. money for the boys over at PrimeMR2!!

So I proceed to check other things like lights. Fairly good shape there...and the headlights pop up! YAY! :D Except...wait...uh the Normal Beams aren't working. High beams OK, so power to the filaments...something on the switched side is wrong. I then FOOLISHLY turn on the blower.... poof... cough/gag whelp all the dash cleaning became pointless as a huge cloud of crud just blew everywhere lol. Well, at least it works...right?

Then it's onto the windows. The driver's door is all apart, no glass / motor / regulator / relay / switches. Found them in the trunk. Yeap, busted motor gear, but regulator gear OK (just needs to be cleaned and lubed again! Yet I've never had to replace a window before (motor gear yes, but you don't have to remove the window for that... guess previous owner didn't know that...). Time to call TwosRUs for replacement gear!

Gas Auto part Machine Cylinder Font
Wood Twig Wall Art Gas

So I hooked up the electronics and verified the motor will turn and the passenger window... whirrr...moves up a click pull up on window while raising and it moves... GREAT bad regulator gear on that side sigh

So I've started a running documentation of the findings on each car, and you can check it out if curious. There are quite a few things the previous owner didn't mention, either that they didn't know...or simply failed to check before listing. Either way the "good" MR2 is not quite in the mechanical/electrical condition advertised. 2's Revival Issue / Running Cost List Hopefully this might be handy to others, as I'll include links to where I buy things as I go, and tally up the costs when complete.

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Day 5 - A little something extra...
Quote of the day - "I think it's time to put the cat to work" - daughter 🐭

So it's a squelching hot day, so decided to simply work on cleaning up the buildup that normal washing doesn't get (areas under hood/trunk, etc..). I also started looking over #2 more and seeing everything physically wrong with it. Whilst I was cleaning the #1 engine bay, and heard a rustling....coming from...#2. Odd, I must be hearing things. A minute later...same thing. I located the sound coming from the passenger fender which I can't quite get to right now. I won't lie... I'm a little freaked out. I saw the spark plug cables had been chewed, but didn't know when it happened, but apparently...there is still a little extra that came along with it!! So I started opening the front hood, and the rear truck...and sure enough, evidence of a rat/mouse nest!! :eek: Not only that, but a small nest of ants!! So yeah, gloves on, bleach spray...time to get rid of their little home. ick I have yet to find the 'lil guy... and sure as HECK do not want them getting into my other car... so time to get some anti-rodent stuff!!

Anyhow, back to the #1 engine bay cleaning. First thing I find.. The darn coolant return cap/plastic piece is holey ...not in a godly way. I wonder what others do as I can't find this part online, and most used ones are also in poor shape. Wonder if anyone has done a 3d printed replacement? Possible Opportunity? Otherwise I could just go with a nice aftermarket reservoir. Overall the engine bay is in decent shape, and far less rust than I normally see. All the vacuum lines appear in good shape, and flexible. Coolant hoses feel good, and coolant full, no leaks. Air filter was of course bad, so time to replace. Only thing I spy missing is the fuel line cover (on firewall).

Hood Automotive tire Wood Road surface Motor vehicle
Light Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Electrical wiring

Overall the goal on #1 is a full "STOCK" restoration. No mods, just that good 'ol MR2 trip down memory lane.

Now for #2, it's fate is not yet decided. I still have to evaluate it, and I've mentioned I'm NOT a body guy, sooo all that work to remove the rust and repair the body. It's good enough not to "junk it" and may be a good candidate for a 1.5MKI (I have a spare 3s-GTE that I could rebuild), or a 20V conversion!! The problem is, the freakin' title. When the owner said he had the title for it, and it wasn't salvage, I thought "great" then at least I could potentially restore it or sell it. Yet the from the previous owner (VA title & signed but not notarized), and since it was many many years ago, who knows if they are reachable. NC DMV usually needs a notarized title and bill of sale. Yeah there may be ways around this, but they are a major PITA if you can't contact previous titled owner.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Tire Hood

So if anyone recognizes the car, and used to be YOURS, please let me know!! Otherwise I'm leaning to making it a track car, and putting the 3S-GTE in it... yet my wife wants it gone, so many of you know how that battle goes.

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Day 6 - The good, the bad, and the stinky...
Quote of the Day - "Ooooo that smell... can't you smell that smell? ...the smell of death surrounds you!!" - Lynyrd Skynyrd

So I pop in the garage this morning to check on something... and ZOMG... why does the entire garage REEK of GAS!! :confused: I look under #2, dry... then #1 big arse puddle in the middle of the floor, under the middle of the gas tank. :poop: Well. That explains why there was no fuel in the tank... Now, if memory serves, the 85-86 didn't have a drain how in heck is it leaking with just 2gal of fuel?? I was going to drop the tank anyway for the fuel pump failure. I just hope whatever is leaking can be fixed, and that the tank isn't rusted to hell and need a replacement (and #2 is a rust bucket so...fat chance it'd be in better condition" Guess I'll be working to drop the tank and fixing the window this weekend!!

I did some more electrical troubleshooting for the Low Beam HL. So far the Light Relay is good along with the retainer relay functionality. Again High Beams work, but the normal beams are not seeing ground to their filaments. I'll have to pull the steer column cover off and check the signal stalk switches. Lastly the dome light doesn't work, and bulb is another thing to add to the growing list of 3(#$&* that don't work...

I gave #2 some attention tonight, and decided to replace it's broken tail light (RH) assembly that was totally cracked. Polished the lenses for good measure. LOL now that "shiney" part really looks out of place on the car. In addition I found a replacement bumper, and is on its way. (Q-Why are you buying parts for your "parts car"? A-Well, until I know my definitive plans, I'm trying to buy/get any parts it's missing at least. If I end up having to sell it as parts car, then at least it'll benefit the future owner...) SO, anyone have a driver's side fender (any color), front valence, 85-86 door liner?
Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire
Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Wood Rectangle Motor vehicle
Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Automotive side marker light Motor vehicle

It appears that someone tried the 'ol drill hole to pull/pop out dented in body, but then never finished and didn't patch the holes. Hmmm not sure if I'm going to be able to improve it much, but can at least patch the holes.

Road surface Wood Asphalt Manhole cover Grey
Yeah, still loads of plant material in #2... need to remove the engine lid and get this stuff out.

...AND NOW...a TRIP... Down memory lane. Here are a few pics of my past MKI's
Wheel Car Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle
My first MKI back in 1997-98, and everyone should have a red sports car at least once in their life! Sold when I had to move up north.

Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel
My 2nd MKI in '00-02, and I converted it to AUTOMATIC! Was actually quite easy. Backstory: Went to go pick it up in Chicago, and the owner said the engine suddenly stopped while I was in route... I get there and find It threw a rod!! Had to tow it back home. Took a few years to get on the road again. Unfortunately auto accident ended it's life shortly thereafter.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Window Automotive design
My 3rd MKI '00-02 and my baby!! Had a lot of custom work done to her, but like a (*&#%$ idiot I sold her when my little one came along for 1500$. If I could only go back in time.

So yeap, the current project cars are #4 and #5 MKI's I've owned.

P.S. Left rear tire went flat on #1...this car is fighting me.
P.S.S. Critter still not seen/caught from #2...but signs say they're still around.

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Fun story so far. Subscribed.

I play the "wheel dolly square dance" in my garage too. I ended up with a 2nd MR2 some years ago and it sits on wheel dollies so I can scoot it around. I didn't originally want the car, but I couldn't let it go either. Now my 2 car garage is so packed with cars, motorcycles and tools/parts, that I need to roll one car side to side just to get to a parts shelf. Working in cramped quarters really slows you down and can lead to mistakes. Be careful. I envy guys with giant garages :)

It might be tempting to repair both cars, but you might be best served to ignore #2 for now and concentrate on #1. Use whatever parts you need from #2 in fixing #1. When she's all done, then you can turn your attention to #2. Fixing the rust on #2 could bleed you dry. Sometimes these cars rust from the inside out. Once you see it it's too late.

Try to avoid poison in dealing with your new rodent friend. We are losing raptors and owls at an alarming rate here as they eat the dead/dying rodents, then succumb to the poison. Snap traps are gross but effective, and cheap as hell. I don't know about mice, but rats can't resist a piece of Slim-Jim with the edges toasted by a lighter. Must smell like BBQ :)

Good luck!

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Yeah the dolly dance is new to me, and the wifey is none to happy about it all either (as she usually goes through garage to her car outside.) If it weren't for the smell/infestation of the 2nd I probably wouldn't be doing much to it. So I'm at least cleaning it out to get rid of all that and help keep the garage free of "slowly rotten plant life" and mouse/rat poo/urine. No worries I'm using peanut butter and snap traps (suckers seem to love PB!!) I also have some Slim Jims so will try that too! The stuff I'm using for abaitment is environmental safe stuff/non-poisonous.

Well off I go to try and see where the darn tank is leaking from!!

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Day 7 - If there ain't no brake fluid underneath it...
Quote of the day - "Why not make MR2 work a family affair!" - Daughter who's college broke and needs money, thus offering car work for $$.

So today I wanted to start chasing down that fuel leak, but switched tasks, and decided to freshen up all the door/window seals. They were quite filthy and dry. The sunroof was in poor shape, and even the channels to drain water were clogged. So cleaned it up, unblocked the drains, and applied some good 'ol Honda Shin-Etsu silicon grease.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Grille
Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Car seat cover Automotive exterior

Next I decided to swap the gray seats for the blue. Would LOVE to have RED accented seats like my last Black MKI had, but blue will do for now. In so doing clean the interiors of both even more.

Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Fixture
Tire Wheel Shoe Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Daughter Maggie, home from college, and apparently broke (I remember those days!) So she asked if she could help and earn some money. WHY SURE! She did an excellent job vacuuming the seats and interior of #2!

The underneath was pretty darn rusty though, so I sanded/repainted the brackets, and lubed the moving parts. Slides back and forth much better now, go figure! Underneath one, was a freakin' 2" spider, of which I couldn't identify. :eek: It took a ride down my vacuum tube...whilst I stayed a safe distance away lol.
Bicycle tire Tire Automotive tire Bicycle part Wheel
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Asphalt Road surface

Oh man, I almost forgot about the sub-woofer and it's ability to eat change! PAYDAY WOOOOoooo. Also see that, there was no way the sub would've's uh...empty. Now why would someone go through the hassle of reinstalling an EMPTY sub-woofer!! :unsure: The blue seats turned out to be in pretty good condition after a good cleanup.

Car Vehicle Window Hood Motor vehicle
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

Lastly I think I found why the brake reservoir was empty. Seems to be leaking between the master cyl and the brake booster. Guess it's rebuild or reman time! Also I tested the washer pump motor, appears stalled, doesn't run. Same on the parts car sigh Hope a new pump is cheap! (Update-found one for 7$ wooo!)

Gas Vehicle brake Auto part Machine Nut

Well tomorrow is father's day, so may not be doing much then.
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Day 8 - "The day the cat struck back..." ...but missed it's target.
Quote of the Day - "I've got cat scratch fevaaaaa" - Ted Nugent

So trying a "natural" way of trying to catch the critter living in #2 (somewhere), we had the cat in the garage last night. Well, not only did he not greet me with a disgusting dead creature....but he TOTALLY SCRATCHED UP #1's HOOD! :mad: GRRrrrrrrr Ted Nugent is singin' my song right now somewhere. I can see his entire route. Hops up on driver's side hood, walks up to roof...gets ShinEtsu grease on paws...puts paw prints everywhere...shimmies down windshield... starts sliding on hood...can't stop...tries to use nails to the bottom. sigh Good thing he's so adorable!

Water Tire Automotive tire Wheel Road surface
Cat Purple Felidae Carnivore Grey

Putting that aside breath man...breath I decided to finally check out where the gas leak was coming from. I was surprised to see ALL the stock under-carriage covers were there, and not a single rusted bolt!! WOOHOOO they all came out without breaking! happy dance 👯‍♀️ Shortly thereafter, I saw what looked like a tar creature eating my tank.... OH, that's just the paint bubbling up!
Automotive tire Wood Line Gas Tints and shades
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

I wiped the paint away and the gas started dripping quicker. I saw this rusty crack, and thought it could be the problem. I then did the oil on rag trick, and wiped the area clean, and watch for the epicenter... not ONE, but TWO pin-holes! sigh Well, this can only mean the tank is pretty pitted/rusty inside. I hope it's not too extensive, such that I can use some airplane fuel tank goo and/or permatex to seal it! I wish I had one of those cameras that could go into small places, and check it out from the fuel sender port...
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Wood Motor vehicle

Meanwhile the rear brakes look like they've seen better days, and the pads about worn out. Already bought one new hub/bearing/stud set... but the LR looks fine so far.

Wood Motor vehicle Gas Automotive wheel system Auto part
Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle brake Tire Rim

Exhaust seems to have the worst rust on the entire car. In fact it's uncharasterically more rusty... hmmm the parts car doesn't have a muffer. light bulb I bet previous owner took this off the parts car and installed into this one. Well, I'll want to upgrade the exhaust anyway. Hmm wonder if BERK does MKIs?
Automotive tire Wood Tire Engineering Aviation

Here's a pic of the #2 engine after getting MOST of the fallen plant material and spidey webs out... RUSTY/DIRTY BABY! I plan to inspect the cylinders, pour a teaspoon of oil in them and try rotating the engine (by hand.) I have ZERO information about this engine, and the last time it seems to have been run, was sometime in 2004!!!
Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire

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Day 9 - Learning a new skill
Quote of the day - "knowledge itself is power..." Sir Francis Bacon

I was very melancholy today, as the new window motor main gear arrived. It meant I could finally fix that driver's side power window, and then I'll be able to "bomb" the interior, getting rid of any remaining musty smells from sitting for two years. It also meant doing something I've never had to do before...install and adjust regulator & window!! (In the past I just remove the motor from regulator and replace gear w/out removing it or window.)

First I spent a few hours cleaning all the buildup and hardened grease off the regulator. )Would have been faster if I could figure out how to separate the regulator from the metal bracket and get at the main gear directly.) With that done, install the new gear on the motor and go give it a pre-test. It moved for 3s and stopped...then nada. sigh I figure the motor itself was the problem (not the relay), so I took the motor apart. Brushes looked good, so I re-lubed it and cleaned the commutator bars. Man reinstalling it was a tricky PITA! So I then try again and movement. Could it be, by chance, that now is when the relay decided to take a dump? I heard it clicking but nope... PARTS CAR to the RESCUE! Swapped relay box....and woot, everything works!
Automotive tire Bicycle part Motor vehicle Gas Auto part
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Rim Automotive wheel system Gas

Before installing the regulator assy, I decided now is a good time to clean & re-lube all the locking mechanism components. Well worth it, as after the power door lock solenoid worked like a champ! Everything moving smooth now!

The next challenge was getting the regulator installed back into the door frame...ugh...another PITA but managed to get it all in. Once so, it was actually pretty simple to see where everything went. Wasn't even too bad to re-align regulator!

Next removed the side view mirror and cleaned the driver's window before re-installation. This part wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be...though I'd recommend dialing a friend to help hold the window once the 3 bolts are aligned. I ended up using some wood to hold it up while I did an initial alignment. After that reinstalled the guides...which didn't take much to dial in per BGB. Next I had these two "stoppers" and didn't have a clue as to where they went. BGB simply had a nice sentence to reinstall with no visual .... PARTS CAR to the RESCUE! Ah ha!
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Gas Machine

The moment of truth....whirrr as the window smoothly rises.... click whirr as the window lowers.... wipes brow Time for Corona!!

Next came all the adjustments... Move it back a little...oops too much...(Those initial "lines" they put in were no where close!). Then the stoppers... says to let the front one hit first then the rear...getting those right took many an iteration too. In the end it's still not 100%, but close enough for me until I can do a leak test.

The switch assembly was dirty as all heck, and on an 87-89 holder template. So I took it apart, cleaned it, and transferred it to the '85-86 template/holder.
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Grey

Finally door/mirror/etc reinstalled. With that...time for another Corona, and watching Umbrella Academy again to prepare for the new season!
Tire Wheel Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting
Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design

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Day 10 - Papa got some brand new shoes.....and TUNES!
Quote of the Day - "Tires is what wins a race..." - Harry Hogge - Days of Thunder

All the go in the world doesn't do much when your old, tired, cracked, and worn-out.... NO NOT ME (not yet!) the TIRES!! Such a shame there is tons of tread on them...just sat around too darn long. Half of them leak, and have to be pumped up every few days.

So I REALLY wanted to get some 16" Enkei's but damn... I just can't spend 1700$ right now, not even knowing what I'll find with the engine yet. So I proceeded to just get 14" stock replacements. OMG...the tire selection does most certainly SUUUUUUCK. In the end I compromised on some all Falken Sincera SN520 A/S, and save more money for performance rim/tires. At least that way I can swap them out depending on the need.

Automotive tire Wheel Tread Rim Hubcap

Cleaned up the years of build-up and gunk on the rims, and get the fresh shoes installed.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Locking hubs

Next up, tunage! No not motor tuning, tunes! All work and no twiddly dee, makes jack a dull boy. Going with a fairly simple/cheap setup for now, with a Sony DSX head unit, and fresh pioneer 4"

Gadget Audio equipment Font Automotive design Camera lens

I figured the previous speakers were tired/old, but I should have they appear to be OK and Kenwood brand. No tweets though, and I noticed a cap installed as crossover/filter. The previous previous guy, had custom speaker cabs in the back, but not sure where the tweeters were. In any case I don't want the cap for these single set speakers...
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Wood
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Plant
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

Next up, stereo wiring... Clearly vendors like to play mirror connector games... same fundamental connector but opposite wiring lol! Previous installer apparently liked barrell crimps.... BOOOOO!!! (Drives the EE in me nuts... I'm sure it's fine for some, but to me it's just as robust as it COULD be... So I'll be fixing that.
Circuit component Electronic component Hardware programmer Electronic engineering Computer hardware
Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Computer hardware Electrical supply Audio equipment

Yet I noticed that the brackets were missing sigh... PARTS CAR to the RESCUE???? NOOOOOOOOooooooope. Figures... So I see the pic in the parts ID and will simply buy some aluminum sheet stock and fashion my own. Anyone have an 85-86 template who've done this before? Would save me time....
Line Font Parallel Auto part Diagram
... and at that point, called it a day.

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Day 11 something - It it bleeds...
Quote of the Day - "It's not the speed that kills's the sudden stop"

So the new power bleeder arrived, and later so did the new Master Cylinder, so it was time to get bleedin'. As you may recall, both Clutch and Brake Master Cylinders were empty. I found the brake MC was certainly leaking, as evident by the paint bubbles in the frunk. Yet I didn't see any signs indicating the clutch hyd leak area. So I started with it... Fortunately the power bleeder has a perfect locking attachment for the non-screw cap style top the Clutch MC uses. Did a pressure test, held, so in goes the DOT4.
Automotive tire Table Material property Flooring Gas
Fluid Automotive tire Cylinder Gas Auto part
Drinkware Kapeng barako Cup Kopi tubruk Fluid

OMG if that color doesn't sicken you...well let's just call you fortunate to not have the experience!! It's just plain...nasty!! Nevertheless after clean fluid through, and no more bubbles, the slave cylinder seems to be moving only ~1/2". Sadly the BGB is mum to how much throw is "normal." (So feel free to pipe in, what the throw is based on your MKI experience.)
Hand Human Wood Temple Sculpture

So I went to try the engagement check, where in gear the drive-wheel should be locked, and then push in the clutch to see if it's allowed to rotate. Ummm both times it moves...facepalm :confused: So the slave cyl is certainly going back, so the pressure plate is definitely moving, and it's springs are working. So why in heck is it not providing enough pressure to flywheel. Add another issue to the list. (This would be so much easier if I could run the engine...yeah still haven't dropped the tank yet...I'm procrastinating...because I hate doing the tank...actually hate isn't a strong enough word.)

Soooo onto the brakes. Yeah it was pretty crusty, so spent some time with a wire brush. Now it's on the floor...much better!
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread
Wood Amber Line Floor Road surface

and though the pads have space, the wear is angled. Tip off that the caliper sliders are stuck/sticking... Time for new pads/rotors! Went ahead and painted the brackets. Would've done the calipers but not sure if I'll need to rebuild them yet. (Also I did find the one caliper guide sticking...)
Saw Automotive tire Vehicle brake Motor vehicle Disc brake

Next, bleeding time. sigh the attachment would not stay latched to the 55mm opening. Even tying it down it still kept popping past that'll have to do for the first RR. TIP OF THE DAY: When removing the lines from the master, use vacuum plugs keep fluid leaking out/air getting in of the lines.
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Gas Wood
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Nut Wire
Automotive tire Gas Auto part Engineering Motor vehicle

The fluid didn't look as bad coming out, and after getting the air from the RR, the pedal was damn stiff. Normally a good sign (yet it doesn't go down as I open bleeder, so worried about the booster). Mallet to the caliper to try and dislodge any more air and it was good to go after a few more goes. Since the pressure bleeder was a pain, I went the traditional method. Using a check-valved bleeder receiver and a PVC pipe I continued to bleed the rest. Good news is 3 of the brakes now work... bad news is the LR is locked up solid. sigh So the caliper itself is likely stuck (or guide tubes.). Since those brakes haven't come in yet, I'll save that for another day. I'm sure I'll have to do further bleeding once I can start the car and can vibration to loosen up some more air.

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Day 12ish - A 20V may be in my future...
Quote of the Day -
Forehead Face Chin Eye Jaw
- Dr. McCoy
So with the clutch operation "resolved", I felt I could finally do a compression test!! Previous owner claimed it just needed rings, but I couldn't test beforehand. (shakes head I've almost always done so before buying, but alas...this one's gonna bite me...) Firstly it took me hours to remove all the grime/goo/oil build up around the spark plugs... way worse than I expected since the cover seal was in good condition...
Art Jewellery Metal Fashion accessory Auto part
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When I pulled the plugs, my head dropped... this is not good. Not only is their extensive carbon build up, but clearly had excessively burning oil. The valves are clearly leaking as well, since plugs still wet. Flashback Doing "Blackfire's" rebuild back in '00, I had an engine that was seized...cause? SOO much build up on top of pistons that it literally wouldn't go through TDC!!

So on with the compression test. Engine lid off so I can see the gauge....#1-135, #2-20, #3-0, #4-140. Listening to #3 the engine was not resisting at all...I suspect a stuck open (or broken) valve. So I open the valve covers. Cam area is the typical sight on a 193k engine...lots of build-up/wear. Rotated crank so #3 valves shut. While hard to see in the picture, I confirmed one of the valve buckets is not the same height as it's counterpart. After ~10min they were... so yeah it's sticking.
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Now #2, however, showed no signs of valve issues. So either there is a really bad HG warpage/leak, or there is a hole in the piston. I'd really like to do a leak down test next on the other cylinders, but I don't have a compressor anymore (shrug What can I say, brush-less tools kicked my impact's ass, so I didn't take it with me on the move.) All this has made me start thinking of altering my "keep it original" plan. If the engine has notable damage, not knowing anything about MR2 #2's engine, I may not be able to rebuild. My problem, is the used 20V out there are running 2.5-3k!!! That's slightly under what I paid for both cars!! sigh

Moving on, I decided to switch over to electrical and figure out the Hazard & Radio continuous power problem. The last guy to have a stereo in the car, ran a seperate power line. This made sense since the Blue-Yellow power wire is NO-WHERE to be found. Problem is, when you tried turning on the stereo, it dipped to 3.29V. Hmmm ok. Follow the rabbit.... They tapped this wire off of the brake light fuse (I wouldn't have choosen such, but ok...). I see a barrel fuse it up. OMFG WHAT CRAZY SOB DID THIS!!:eek:
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I cannot make this **** up people. The 2A fuse underneath was blown...their solution, use aluminum foil to completely short around the fuse. Where they tapped into, there would only be the primary fuse (40A?) to protect it!! Gee not a hazard at all! :devilish:

Speaking of Hazard, that one was easy enough... Blown 15A fuse. Checked for shorts...all good, replaced and Hazard lights worked!! HAZAAHH at least I fixed SOMETHING today. So I know the Blue-Yellow wire is AT LEAST making it to the steer column. Will have to tear off covers to try and find where the Radio Blue-Yellow wire disappeared to.

So I switched over to the locked up LR caliper. Wedged it out, and found... yeah the boot is destroyed...
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Fine, I can order a kit and rebuild it...that is...if I could rotate the damn thing!! Son of ____ refused to cooperate and is completely seized. I even tried putting bleeder on it and seeing if releaving any pressure would help it rotate back. Nope, nada, zip, ...bu hao!! Well that's 3 strikes for today... I'm done...
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