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Lowered prices a bit. Open to offers. I can provide more pics or vids if needed.

This was on my gen2 motor.
Turbo kit - $2200 obo
Comp 6266 oil/water cooled turbo, ceramic coated hotside
Racerx turbo manifold all vband and ceramic coated
Racerx 3 to 3.5" vband downpipe ceramic coated, bottom portion is not coated due to welding after it was coated
Precision 44mm ewg
Oil feed line, oil drain, coolant lines included Oil drain line will need remade, but is included
Car made 627whp on this setup on E85 and 496whp 93.

Intercooler - $550 obo
Racerx intercooler kit and some pieces tweaked by KO Racing for better fitment
23"x12"x4" core Total Length - 34"
Frame to bolt to car included
Have hot pipe from core to my turbo setup I can include for extra cash

Intake Manifold - $650 obo
Racerx Straight runner manifold with tapered runners and different plenum he made for me
Phenolic spacer included
No support to block, but can be made by someone easily as I have the block adapter.
Hemi tb flange for dbw
Ports on the bottom for sensors(Can included for extra)

ATS Top Feed Fuel Rail - $120 obo
Anodized purple
Hardware and injector adapter cups included
One -8AN orb fitting(black) and one -6AN orb fitting(blue) on rail included

Hux Racing ATI damper with trigger kit - $500 obo
12 tooth trigger wheel painted black
Underdrive pulley for alternator included
Belt I used included
Cherry hall sensor included
Brackets needed included

Tial Q 50mm bov(black) - $150
Hemi throttlebody - $50
Mac boost solenoid and bracket - $50

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