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No longer have any MR2s after 25yrs so clearing out remining stash of parts

-TRD SRS steering wheel with airbag. Red grip wheel is near mint condition .
Good not mint condition black wheel with red stitch available.

-TRD complete rubber bushing kit for 93+ (92 JDM)
Out of production for years .
- $450 shipped

-TRD Front ARB bushing and bracket -NEW
-$150 shipped

- TRD GENUINE STRUT BARS F/R in good condition
-Front bar includes OEM TRD center mount hardware
-Selling as set will break up if have buyers for each.
- $850 shipped

TRD SPORTS JAPAN sw20 specific seat brackets- new (reproductions)
-$200 shipped
Recaro SR-3 mint seats from Japan - All Original not restored
Trial version with RECARO wording F/R Sold *,
Standard set still available.
Seats have dual knobs - Will need to remove inner knob to fit in MR2
Inner blanking plates can be ordered
$1850 per set plus shipping
$2500 for complete package - Seats, rails , door panels (see below) plus shipping

Mint SR-2 confetti set with padded belt holes available - not pictured contact me
$1900 plus shipping

JDM Toyota Recaro factory rails (used on production MR2 Recaro interiors)
Not available separately unless seats above all sold out

JDM Toyota Recaro door panels (used on production MR2 Recaro interiors)
1 set available now. (Saving 2 sets for seat bundle)
No rips for tears and in great conditon with Recaro Nardo material
$600 shipped
-98-99 like new Grey (not purple) Cloth seats and door panels
JDM seats with pass seat (left) converted to full adjustment using new foam
Door panel inserts match seats
-$750 plus shipping

98-99 Door panels parts
Requires lower plastic section and weatherstrip parts
$125 shipped

-98 Complete Kouki taillight set
2 main lights, panel, reverse lights, brackets, lock (no key)

-98-99 Used Genuine wing in white with hardware
Chassis removed from had 42k miles
Suggest a repaint even if using on white mr2.

-98-99 Door sill plastic and aluminum plate
$175 shipped - used set as is
$300 shipped - set with used and new plate set

-98-99 Clear corner bumper lights with harnesses
Near mint set- $250 shipped
Needs clear coated set -$125
Fog light switch available

91-99 Fog lights no broken mount holes
JDM non turning $180 shipped
JDM turning lights $180 shipped

1998 MR2 hardtop full part out . No drivetrain available
Great for RHD full conversion or update older JDM mr2 interior and wiring .
DM for more info.. WILL SELL CHEAP!
- 94 Glass set (solid black border) T Top 1/4 glass, rear glass, T Tops
-350 plus shipping

- JDM Bronze Glass set (hardtop) oem mirrored with Man in Dandism letttering
- Bronze colored door glass included.
- Few small nicks in tint film
-$450 plus shipping

- Brand new 97+ Green Glass - TTop 1/4 glass x 2 Door glass x2
Like new rear green glass. Great for complete restoration job.
-$550 for 5pc set plus shipping

-Brand new oem Leather Ebrake -never used
$100 shipped
-Brand new oem Ebrake cables -still in bag
$200 shipped
-Brand new DR side AERO blade oem wiper
$40 shipped
- Brand new oem Mudflaps - Not reproductions --NOS items
Includes all brackets and hardware and Japanese instruction sheet
$ 350 shipped
-Complete JDM SW20 repair manual for collectors
All years available included through last book 12/97
$200 shipped
-Sw20 JDM body repair and every component installation
$35 shipped
SW20 jdm parts manual - All parts listed from 89-99
$60 shipped
All books above bundle -$250 shipped

3 MR2 Tuning books
Bundle $175 shipped

2 Mr2 Hyper Rev Tuning books
Bundle $ 100 shipped

JDM SW20 Brochures - mint condition
Bundle $125 shipped


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