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Tomorrow Aristo....Next Time.....

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Hey People what's Up! I am in the seabrook/clearlake area of Houston. Tomorrow I am installing my 3.76 LSD that i got out of a supra in my Aristo badged GS4. So what some of you are now saying.... well I have invited some of my peeps from club lexus over to hang out while we do this as a little mini meet. And as we speak Jeff over at Bayside Auto in San Leon is in possession of my 88 MK1 which he will be swapping in the SC motor that I just purchased from Japan. So I thought it would be a good idea to extend the mini meet invite to the MR2 crowd over here as I will be planning to host future MR2 mini meets here at my house. So if anyone is interested in coming give me a ring 832-385-1049 for directions. Looking forward to seeing some new faces and meeting some other MR2 enthusiasts.
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Cool I'm in the clear Lake area as well. My friend who I went to school with had an SC300 that he got converted to a 1JZGTE and rebadged everything to a soarer, even the steering wheel which is hard to find. I love Aristo and Soarer conversions, so clean. His SC300 ran a 13.3 on a light tune. Oh and it's still automatic with 275 series tires in the rear.
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