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Thursday Nite Meet Up

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See you all around 7:30pm
1755 Rte. 10 E.
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

*Weather Permitting* :smile:
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I say Morris Tap at 7:45? That's usually when most people show.
Giants game this thursday just remembered. Meetin up with my bro somewhere else..count me Out
Next week they have some kinda event at Morris Tap and Grill, anyone down for next week then?
Giants game tomorrow :)
Giants embarassed Carolina tonight. Reigning champs!!
I think the Giants just scored another touchdown.
So are we all on for Morris Tap and Grill tonight?
another flop for the 5guys lol, but im guilty too. Can we get this whole crew together to caravan to Mahwah for the BM meet...
I'd be down for that. Where should we meet up? Rockaway Mall?
that could work. lets rustle up some more deuces
There's a possibility that I should have two other MR2's with me. So It would be us four all together, plus anyone else that's local and wants to join, then we'll have a decent caravan up.
Does anyone wanna get something going for this Thursday night?
Are we doing anything tonight? Or is this meet beat as usual?
LTD36 said:
Are we doing anything tonight? Or is this meet beat as usual?
there was a meet at Primes new joint hahah my car is currently there. Wanna pick me up and go there? lol
if i sort my tiny oil drip problem weekend drive anyone?
LTD36 said:
Sure thing boss, what time?
prolly too late now, anyways something came up. but when my 2 is fixed sure next week! :thumbup
It's supposed to be decent weather tomorrow night, 5 guys?
i'm 50-50 right now, gotta make the call tomorrow.
41 - 60 of 82 Posts
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