It's a 91 na , but received a gen 3 swap 6 years ago. I only put about 3k miles on swap since. It has a gen 3 rear end, Greddy intercooler, JDM Phoenix exhaust, Tial BOV and Tein suspension all installed less than 200 miles ago. When the motor was swapped all gaskets, seals and belts were replaced. A stage 2 Exedy clutch was installed.
On the exterior a Greddy front lip, side skirts, rear lip, and a JDM wing of some sort (I totally forgot which kind) since the Greddy one was unavailable. The car has been painted inside and out with Lexus sliver and black color change. Most of the interior was changed to black, including a new dash. It has a TRD short shifter as well. It has some generic bucket race seats made out of sway[sic].
A double staggered wheel set up with 17x7.5" front and 18x8.5" rear Avids. They're not the Volks like I wanted but they still look good. ,The tires have less than 200 miles on them. The car has no A/C compressor and it has manual steering. I'm selling because I just don’t drive it much anymore, plus I just bought a new car and need to make room in the garage. NOTE - some of the photos I uploaded have mismatch wheels and one has the old Momos I used to have on the car. I just want to hear what you guys think it’s worth these days.