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With all the recent new members surfacing in our forum it?s a little hard to keep up with everyone. So, with this thread I?d like to have everyone post information about themselves and their MR2?s. The amount of information provided is up to each individual. Let?s please keep this thread on topic guys and girls!!

If anyone needs a picture hosted e-mail me and I'll upload it to my website.

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posted by PatrickG
Real Name: Patrick G.
Location: Near Pilot Mountain, NC
Contact Info: [email protected]
DOB: July 1973
Current Vehicles: 1988 SC MR2, 1991 Olds Cutlass, 1992 NA MR2, 1995 Toyota 4x4 Pickup, 2000 Ford Escort ZX2
Previous Vehicles: Turquoise Pearl 1993 NA MR2, Signal Yellow 1993 Turbo MR2
Employment: Un-employed
My MR2 Pictures: 1988 SC, 1992 NA

posted by toyotafan1970
Real name: Brian M.
Location: Winston-Salem
Contact Info: [email protected]
DOB: 9/23/70
Current Veh: 1992 n/a MR2
Employment: Circuit City technician

No pictures are hosted anywhere yet, but my mr2 is pretty much stock except for hotshot header and HKS intake which were on the car when I bought it few months back. Replaced clutch and stereo which were both shot when I bought it. Oh, and it is the dark metallic blue color.


posted by toynut
Real Name: Craig Johnson
Location: Morganton NC (work in Charlotte)
DOB: 10/19/66
Contace Info: [email protected]
Current Vehicles: 1977 Corona HT (320K miles), 1984 SR5 4x4 pickup (225K miles), 1987 Mr2 N/A (240K miles), 2001 Chrysler T&C people mover
Previous Vehicles: 1978 Celica (515K miles!), 1985 Celica GTS Convertable (240K miles), 1979 Corolla (+300K miles), 1994 Corolla wagon, 1998 RAV 4, 2000 4-Runner
Employment: Software Engineer
Hobbies: Sailboat racing

posted by Matt N
Real name: Matt N.
Location: Charlotte NC
E-mail: mr2nut-at-juno-com.
DOB: Pretty darn old
Current Vehicles: 65 Plymouth Sport Fury, see my sig below for my 2
Previous Vehicles: 84 Dodge Daytona turbo, 82 Mazda Rx7, 67 Mercury Cougar, 73 Plymouth Barracuda, 65 Plymouth Barracuda, those are the ones worth mentioning.
Employment: Engineer currently un-employed (anyone need an engineer?)

posted by KarolinaKid
Real Name: Alan Goodwin
Location: Aiken, SC
Contact Info: [email protected]
DOB: July, 31 1978
Current Vehicles: 1991 SMG Turbo with Gen 3 swap., 1985 Corolla GT-S, 1977 Yamaha RD 400
Previous Vehicles: 1991 Crimson Red Turbo, 1992 Nissan 240SX Convert., 1985 Audi 4000S, 1972 Opel GT
Employment: Network Admin/Draftsman at an Arch. firm
My MR2 Pictures: None handy......

posted by bmerton
Okay, I'll play your silly game...

Real name: Bill M.

Age: Less than Matt N. Heck, Matt has black socks he wears with shorts that are older than me. :)

Contact info: Click the e-mail button on my posts (duh).

Old profession: Electronics technician ___ Maintenance Supervisor, CMSgt, USAF, Ret.
New profession: Accountant

Current cars:
"Ivory" - 1986 JSpec GZE/LSD conversion.
"Michelle" - 2000 Spyder
"Doesn't deserve a name" - 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

posted by 3mr2s
Real name: Jim
Location: Albemarle, NC
Contact info: [email protected]
Profession: Drug pusher (legally)
DOB 3/4/59
Current vehicles: 92 MR2T, 91 MR2 NA, 2003 Silverado 2500HD Duramax/Allison, 2002 Solara, 1999 John Deere 5210 4WD, 1999 Polaris Sportsman 500, 2003 Kawasaki Bayou 250.
Previously: 93 MR2T, 1988 MR2SC (see Patrick G), 1987 MR2 NA, numerous other non-MR2s
Current distraction: Building house and dream shop.
Considering: Prius, Mini S, Spyder SMT

posted by allshotup
Eric L. Gardner

DOB 11/18/1972

Cars: 93 Signal Yellow Turbo 2 ; 1996 Toyota Sr5 4Runner;2001 Honda Civic EX, 1991 Honda CRX Si ( Sale Pending )


Hobbies:Car audio work, watching movies with my loved one,driving around,I'm a pretty boring guy

Employment:Sonopress/BMG , I work with film that is used to make screens . We manufacture DVD's , CdRoms , CDAudio etc..Largest CD manufacturer under one roof in the US.

I was just recently introduced into the club , I'm a NEWBIE .

Contact: [email protected]

posted by Mitch
Real name: Mitch Barbato

Location: Charlotte

Age: Even older than Matt.

Profession: Electrical/Electronics Engineer, semiconductor industry

Hobbies: (see Profession)

Current cars: '91 MR2 N/A, 170k miles; Peugeot 505 STi, only 284,800 miles, and, I refuse to name my cars. (BTW, I have personally put 265k miles on that Pug in 18 years.) And the wife's '92 Escort wagon.

Contact Info: Bill said it best.

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posted by void
Real Name: Jamie Benson
Location: Raleigh
Age: 18
Contact: [email protected]
Car: '94 MR2 N/A Super Red
Hobbies: Autox
Employment: Student + part time retail

Pictures! Yay!
Here and Here

posted by Paqster
lemme think...some of this is hard for me to remember...

real name: Christopher Wayne Sullivan....Ph.D...someday :) Just chris works
location: Rock Hill, SC
Age: 26...that time of life when you should know better, but you just don't care..
Contact: [email protected]
Car: 1991 T aqua pearl and 1987 mk1 na shell and engine...soon to be completed... name it? art, history, cars, photography, yoga, tai chi, the fine art of screaming in a freezer.

things that occupy my mind: Getting a visual/performing art gallery started..first reception date is coming up, final date TBD..

Occupation: restaurant server, full time student, in class or not, i'm always a student :)

Umm...that's about it...

posted by MIKEHTMSR24
Real name: Mike Parks
Location: Simpsonville, SC 29680
Age: Dust (1955)
Profession: Manfacturing Engineer
Hobbies: Speed Boating
Current cars: 'White 93 MR2 N/A, 95,000 miles; Black 95 Extended Cab Dually Turbo D. Black 99 High Torque Marine Cat w/540 N/A Chevy 683 hp/676 torque.
[email protected]

posted by oldmr2driver
And Now for the rest of the story:Jack Riblet

Wadesboro, NC

DOB: May 5, 1938


1987 MR2 MkI T-Top, Black, Stock, 96k miles, purchased from original owner in 1988 with 15k miles.

Daily Driver: 1993 Ford Escort Wagon with 142k

Previous Sports Cars: Too many to list (if I could remember them all) No.1 was a year old 1957 White MGA.

posted by sailorman
real: Ed Dunbar

location: Fuquay-Varina (Raleigh)

Age: 50 going on 30

Plastics Engineer

Hobbies - sailing, building my castle-lighthouse

Current: 93T sunroof - dent gone, replaced with fresh paint, KO Racing exhaust on the way - 221,500, 99 Tauras wagon-120,000, 63 356B awating restoration, 1980 Blackhawk sandrail - awaiting restoration, 79 F350 flatbed dump (pulls trailer to rescue disabled cars, just got a 95 C3500 flatbed dump w turbo diesel - 15,000GVW

Past: 59 Ghia w Corvair engine, 65 Corv-8 (327 - 365HP dual 4 bbl), 197X fiberglass kit car, 72 911T targa, 70 914 1.8, 85 GTI, 86 GLI, 86 MkI, 91T, 95 GTI VR6 (now my son's car)

First: 1975 dune buggy, blue metalic body, 1960 donor VW

posted by Fixxer
Real: Ryan Peters

Location: Huntersville, NC

DOB: Aug 24, 1984

Occupation: Apprentice/Machinist

Hobbies: Any and all

Current Vehicles: 1991 N/A MR2, and 2001 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Past: ... 1989 Cavalier. Thats it I'm to young to waste cars :p

Pics: Not hosted yet.

posted by importwarrior
NAME: Kenny S.
DOB: 06/02/1974
OCCUPATION: Disabled awaiting back surgury. "OUCH"
HOBBIES: My kids my woman and any thing that involes cars and racing.


TO CONTACT ME: [email protected]

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posted by ConcordMK1
Real Name: Chris Yergeau
Location: Concord, NC
DOB: June 17, 1985
Age: 18 (for those as bad at math as I)
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]
Occupation: Painter at the moment Best Buy interview Thursday.
Interests: Cars, Girlfriend (of course), Model Cars, Car Sites
Current Vehicles: 1982 Mazda RX7 (needs engines swapped), 1985 Toyota MR2 (autocross project), 1986 Mitsubishi Starion ESiR (awaiting engine), 1987 Toyota MR2 NA (blown head-court car), 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESiR (parts car-wrecked beyond repair by aunt)
Previous Vehicles: 1986 Toyota MR2 (first car-eaten by cancer[rust])
Pics: 1982 RX7
1985 Toyota MR2
1986 Toyota MR2 - R.I.P.
1986 Mitubishi Starion ESiR
1987 Toyota MR2 NA
1988 Starion ESiR

posted by Yellow
Real Name: Jon McKenzie
Location: Honolulu HI, Charlotte NC, Wilmington NC
DOB: 2/11/84
Contace Info: [email protected]
Current Vehicles: Royal Sapphire Pearl 1991 MR2 Turbo
Previous Vehicles: 1991 Mercury Sable Wagon w00t! 1991 Yellow MR2 NA
Employment: Student
Hobbies: Auto-x, SCUBA, Anything water or car related

My Car Pics and Info

posted by greentoyo2
Real Name: Duncan Loomis
Location: RTP, NC
Contact Info: [email protected]
DOB: May 24 1982 -- 21
Current Vehicles: 1993 MR2 Turbo turqoise pearl NO. 17, 1971
Pontiac GTO dark metal flake [resting for a long while] bad wiring harness, fuel lines, fuel tank, carb, "if it aint broke, its about to"

Previous Vehicles: 1990 4DR Honda Accord DX , 1993 Ford Mustang 5.0 5-speed

Employment: student

My MR2 Pictures: working on it

MR2 = Carmela
GTO = Blue bastard
ex- mustang = Lucy

Hobbies = wakeboarding, B/W photography, writting,

posted by Seagondollar
Real name: Mark Seagondollar

e mail: Seagondollar(at)mail(dot)com

Location: As it says to the left, Greensboro. Previously from Fuquay & Raleigh.

Age: Old enough to tell those younger to take better care of themselves. (Hint: you can't go back)

Profession: Electrical/Electronics Engineer, currently very underemployed at Radio Shack as entry level sales associate. See resume for further info. Willing to discuss opportunities that pay and let me do the work I enjoy....

Hobbies: Can't afford much, so currently wife, dogs, house cleaning and yard work. Want to get motorcycle running again, build an airplane (Van's RV8), get pilot's license, travel, etc.

Current vehicles: 88 MR2, 94 Dakota Club cab, 74 Guzzi V7 Sport, Honda SL125, bicycle.

posted by Mark V
Name: Mark Virtue

Age: 25

Occupation: Broke Student & Unnamed hospital position (It's dirty work)

Cars: 1991 MR2 N/A Hardtop since 1998, others are unimportant

Hobbies: Fishing, Billards, Aquariums, busting knuckles open on hot exhaust parts, Carolina Panthers Football, staying in shape

Aspirations: I'll apply for Med school in June for a seat in the class starting in 2005. If anyone has 'connections' to one of the 4 in-state schools, I'd be more than happy to make your aquaintance. I will be poor for a very, very long time, but I'm doing what I love. I hope.

posted by monkyboyrr
Name: Drew Bowen
Place: Southeast Charlotte
Age: 17
Car: '85 Silver (er... silver, grey, and bondo-blue ;) )
Hobbies: I am Drum Major of the Marching band at school :) I hope that counts

Got that 85, and if al,l goes well im pickin up a non-running 86, so it would work well as "Fire and Rain" but we'll see.

posted by Brian Y.
Brian Yun
Columbia, SC
DOB: 7/2/83
[email protected]
current car: 94 Turbo
previous car: 91 NA
college student
hobbies: anything related to cars

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posted by vin1024
Ashvin Babu
1988 Dark Blue SC

I bought this car during college at UIUC (champaign,il). I'm 29 now so I've had it for a pretty long time...

It's not in perfect shape or anything but the paint is still shiny and the boost still makes me smile. It's stock and has 95K miles on it.

I'll take a pic tomorrow and attach it.

posted by kohartb

Real Name: Bryan K.
Location: Clemson, SC & Florence, SC
Contact Info: [email protected]
AIM: majikaqua
DOB: Aug '82
Current Vehicles: 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, 1991 MR2 Turbo
Previous Vehicles: 1991 Toyota Tercel
Employment: Co-op
My MR2 Pictures: both cars are pretty much stock, so just use your imagination (imagine one black and one red :)

posted by nateb515
Real Name: Nathan Brewer
Location: Chapel Hill
AIM: NateB515
Age: 18
Currently: '91 NA
Previously: '85 300zx

posted by kbrew8991
Real Name: Ken Brewer
location: Clemson SC (Houston TX when on break)
contact info: email me - [email protected]
AIM: th3ykilledkenny
dob: 3 - 6 - 1982 (currently 21)

Current Cars: 1991 NA 5-spd and 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX 5-speed
Previously: 1992 Ford F-150 Extended Cab, 5.0L auto (so slow)
my webpage:

few pics:

the mustang - former daily driver/drag racer/autocrosser... what it will turn into now that ive got a daily driver.. who knows

and the MR2 - daily driver / autocrosser in progress

also, Im the secretary for Clemson Sports Car Club
check them out at

posted by gronke
Real Name: Matt Gronke
location: Raleigh, NC
contact info: email me - [email protected]
AIM: thekillerrobot
dob: 10/5/83

If anyone lives in the Raleigh area or goes to NCSU, I'm the red MK1 with the loud exhaust you see flying around all the time. I never run into any other MR2 owners, it's sad. :(


posted by XXXboosted2XXX
name-Garrett Owens
loc-Welcome (near Winston Salem), NC
[email protected] or
current vehicles-93 turbo(burgandy and black with black is300 wheels), 92 mercury capri(faded red with "custom" bodywork), 99 buell s3(red)
previous vehicles-84 chrysler laser(hey, dont laugh, it was only 700 bucks and was turbo model. at the time i was 16 and didnt know anything about cars, so i didnt know how important oil was, that car only lasted about a month. damn shame.)
job-telecommunication tech in g-boro

posted by lovemyM
Hey I cant beleive I have not responded to this thang, I thought I already had anyway

My Name Ed Gillam

Age 27

I work at Automotive Anything

My Car 93 MR-2 N/A Teal Toms Body Kit KYB AGX Shocks, Intrax springs, 17X8 TSW Evos' 205/40 front 245/40 rear/Intake/str8 pipes/bunch of other nic naks

Other Cars 2001 Civic/ 97 F-150/ 95 MX-6

Previous Cars 76 Monte Carlo/ 2 83 Mustang GT's/ 87 Sterling 825 SL/ 96 Mitsubishi Mirage (my first new car, traded in 3 months 4>>>) 93 Probe GT/ 89 Prelude/ 94 GMC Extended Cab step Side conversion truck/71 Super Beetle/ 74 Superbeetle/thats all that comes to memory

[email protected]

posted by Carl88SC
Carl Robinson
Northeast Charlotte
1986 MR2 - engine out for rebuild, need a block
1988 SC - Recently purchased in TN, Orange Pearl Mica and needs some work. Clear coat bad, engine has a knock, alot of potential!


posted by mr2biker91
Jason Garms
age: 17
work: Wake forest
High-school student
Walkertown, NC
1991 mr2 NA (until this summer)

posted by trdmr2156
Real Name: Chris Cameron
Location: Pinehurst, N.C.
Attending: Sandhills Community College for Automotive technics
Age: 18
Car: Nautical Blue 91 NA 5-speed
Goals: Currently trieng to break the fastest NA 5sfe 1/4 mile time, and the highest NA 5sfe HP numbers.

Car site is

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Real Name: Jeremy
Location: Mt. Holly NC
Car: 88 MR2
Age: 26
Goals: Getting my cars legal :) And finding that damned spacer Bill sent me for my idle pulley. It got lost in the move. :(

[Edit] Cause I always want to make my car a year older than what it is. :)

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Real Name: Ben Moy
Location: Chapel Hill/Durham
Contact Info: [email protected] (DOT COM)
DOB: 1981
Current Vehicles: 1994 Sunny Yellow JDM Gen 2 Turbo MR2
1993 Black Turbo (40,000 original miles)
Previous Vehicles: 1991 Crimson MR2 Turbo
1989 Champagne Probe Turbo
1987 Camry Hatchback
Employment: Video Game Producer at Octagon Entertainment
My MR2 Pictures: Middle 2 New 2
Hobbies: My tons of video games, 2000+ movies, food, music, and car
edit: updated 091406

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Emory P., 23
Belmont/Mt. Holly, NC

1986 Toyota MR2 N/A (Red) All O.E. (Unfortunately)
2001 Daewoo Nubira CDX (Gold) (Wife's D.D.)

1994/1995 Ford Ranger XLT (Gold)
1991 Mitsubishi Mirage (Green)

Shift Manager, Popular Franchised Pizza Restaurant (Hint: We're #1)

Computer Tech, Video Games, Writing, Reading (Sci-fi/Fantasy, occasional Clancy), Graphic Design, Web Design, Drooling over aftermarket parts I "might" have in 10 years, Wife & Kids (Most Important), Dreaming of MR2 gatherings I'll never have time for , Imported Beer, F1 racing.

- Finish last year of college
- Buy house with a decently sized garage
- Completely restore MR2
- Find a job that doesn't require kissing @$$ to advance (riiiiiight...)
- Become independently wealthy (double riiiiiiight...)

P.S.: Thanks to Garnock for pointing me here.

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Name: Mark Virtue
Occupation: Student
Age: 25

Present: 99 TRD 4x4 V6 Tacoma

Had: 91 hardtop N/A (now found a good home in Jim's new garage)

Now that I've sold the deuce to make way for a more practical vehicle (had to do it), I just hang anound and watch you guys have fun kind of like the kid who just ate lunch at the swimming pool, and can't go in the water for 45 minutes.

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I know I will one day, but by the time I graduate medical school, they'll really be in short supply, and I'll have to pay a collector's premium. The price you'll pay for perfection. Damn you Toyota for building such great car.

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Hmm, I thought I posted in here before, but I guess my memory tricks me.

Real Name: Ian Clifton
Age: 21
Job: Satellite, Wideband, Telemetry, and Space Systems Journeyman (Air Force term for slave).
Current car: 91 MR2 Turbo w/ T-Tops - red
Previous car: '86 MR2
First Car: '93 Hyundai Scoupe LS haha
Education: Associates in Electronic Systems Technology. Working toward a bachelors but undecided on the major att.
Current location: Shaw AFB, SC
Frequently seen: Local area, on 26 between Columbia and Spartanburg
Website: Gordaen's Knowledge

I was born in Washington (state) and lived there all my life. I joined the AF and spent 5 months in Texas, 5 in Georgia, 4 in the M.E., a couple years at Shaw AFB, SC.

Uhh, that's all I can think to say off the top of my head.


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Welcome, Ian...Shaw ain't so bad, especially when the only reason you go there is to play golf. :) (I retired last July as an E-9. Spent 10.5 years regular active duty, then another 11 on active duty with the SCANG at McEntire...)

Brian, you used to work at Poinsett? Have we talked about that? I only went there once to check out the EW setup they have there when we were undergoing an EWAP inspection.
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