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Since SO many people are testing to see how much they get or offers, I will do the same.

- 234,XXX miles
- White 87 T-top
-- blue interior <-- I'm starting to like BLUE .. HELL NO.
-- currently, no front lower lip but I'm getting one installed
-- there are some dents and dings
-- the front bumper needs a re-paint
-- hood needs two touch up about an inch long.
-- interior is complete

- JDM small port 4age converted to USDM specs - 130 hp stock
-- the above is a complete swap with USDM small port ECU/Coil/Ignitor/ and the wiring looks factory,
- Rebuilt small port head (about 2K on the motor)
-- port and polish exhaust side
-- shaved for straightness
-- TRD headgasket
-- TRD valve spring
-- ARP head stud
- OEM waterpump (2K)
- OEM timing belt (2K)
- OEM clutch and threw out bearing (5K)
- Tranny has 150K but shifts like a heat knife thru butter .. maybe it's been rebuilt?
- soild front and rear motor mounts
- OEM Battery (3 months ago)
- OEM Coolant (3 months ago)
- Redling MT90 (3 months ago)

- H&T busing all around (5K)
- Koni fronts (5k) and Koni rear (0K) <-- just sold my rear '85 Koni and getting rear '87 Koni
- ST springs (5K)
- OEM 85/86 rear sway bar
- Slightly more aggressive alignment .. but I can set it back to stock if you like
- Stock 14in triangle rims with 95% thread tires.

The car runs great. Asking price: $3500 or ob. Need to pay back my debts .. and too many CARS. Suspension cost about $1000 (not including tires). Small port engine and head work cost about $1500 (not including waterpump, timing belt, clutch and bearing, etc). Standard price 87 MKI $1000 - $1500. So that's how I priced the car at $3500. The picture below is before all the work.[email protected]/my_photos

[email protected]


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I would love to own that car Su :D Goodluck with the testing the water for its saleable value, just dont sell the car :p



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dupmaronew said:
if ya willing to part it out id be interested in some stuff
I want to sell the car as a whole. If not, one of my other 4 cars will be put up for sale. I need to reduce my stock.

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