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I have a practically brand new set of TechnoToyTuning front tension control arms/rods for the MK1/AW11 MR2 for sale. These are practically brand new and have never been mounted to a car. I say practically because they are their earlier version, which simply means they are red and not their current grey, and have had the holes that the control arm bolts go through drilled out to the correct diameter to match the OEM hardware. T3 supplies these with smaller/narrower bolts than the stock size. So, to keep everything as tight as can be, I had drilled these out to match the correct diameter control arm bolt.
I bought these from another forum member a year or two ago. I got them because I like new parts and I liked that these are stronger, more rigid, easier to adjust, and provide better steering feedback. However, I decided not to use these as I thought for my street-only car they might be a bit too extreme as I rather retain the rubber body mount.
Great deal on these at $175 shipped in the cont. US.

Control arms, control arm bolts, and ball joints shown in the pictures are not included
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