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Hey all, need some help with installing TDSE into my 94 MR2 w/ TDS. I have all the components, except for the following:

1) My wiring harness that runs to the kickpanel is chopped, so I have 5 wires that need to be routed.

2) I don't have the female pigtail to the horn defeat switch.

As for problem #1, I read from the TDSE sticky that the light-green wire runs to the tail-light wire in the fuse box, and that the black/yellow wire runs either to the kick panel B/Y wire, or to an orange box behind the air vent tube (I haven't looked behind the air vent tube yet to figure out which harness is being discussed). That leaves three wires that are all by their lonesome, which I presume run to the horn defeat switch:
  • Gray wire: A composite wire, with the gray outer wire running to the TDSE black wire at pin 2, and the inner blue wire running to the blue TDSE wire at pin 3
  • R/W wire: Runs to TDSE pin 10.
  • B/W wire: Runs to TDSE pin 9.

For problem #2, the horn-defeat switch is a 6-pin male plug (so I'm reading it R->L, clip up). Popping off the cover and looking at the circuit board I can see the following:
  • Pin 3 (W wire) and 6 (B wire) converge into a gray wire that run to the glass breakage mic (I think that's what it is at least)
  • Pin 2 (R) runs to the ON pole of the switch
  • Pin 4 (O) runs to the center pole of the switch
  • Pin 5 (Y) runs to the OFF pole of the switch
  • Pin 1 (Brown) runs through the PCB and looks like it creates continuity with pin 4

So that leaves me with the following:

AFAIK (anyone that has TDSE, or experience installing it, please chime in) the harness from the TDSE ECU that runs to the kickpanel should have 2 free-hanging wires (LG and B-Y) that connect to the tail lights and to the door switch, which means the remaining 3-wires connect to the 6-pins of the horn-defeat switch.

I'm assuming the Gray wire from the TDSE harness connects to pins 3 and 6 on the horn defeat switch (based on the fact that those 2 pins also converge into a single gray wire, Electrical diagrams like symmetry right?). I'm guessing polarity doesn't matter, but I'm going to make a hot-swappable set-up just incase.

That leaves 2 wires on the TDSE harness, and 4 pins on the horn defeat switch. I can't find the TDSE wiring diagrams, and the TDS wiring diagrams I look at (I have the 94 BGB and 94 BGB electrical diagram supplement) and I can't find anything that really leads me to any solid leads.

Anybody with TDSE experience have any pointers for wiring the horn switch and remaining TDSE kick-panel wires?

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Thank you to David Hawkins of Twos-R-Us! He was able to sort this for me.

Apparently the horn-defeat switch leaves 2-pins unconnected (probably a multiple-application thing).

As assumed, Pin 3 (W) and 6 (B) from the Horn-defeat switch connect to pins 3(L) and 2(B) from the TDSE harness. The remaining 2 wires on the TDSE harness connect as follows:
Pin 10 (R/W) Harness to Pin 5(Y) on Horn-defeat
Pin 9 (B/W) Harness to Pin 4(O) on Horn-defeat

This likely means that the MR2 uses the Horn defeat switch as just a SPST switch for the horn sound. The other 2 wires connect to the mic for the glass break sensor.

I was able to get everything wired in and connected, and got my TDSE to work! Horn defeat switch works, tail lights flash, and I was able to program 2 RS3000-Black fobs from Amazon into the system.

Thanks again to Dave Hawkins. Once I have some free time I'll try putting up a full wiring diagram so that people can install TDSE without the OEM harness!
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