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SW20 MR2 Hub/Knuckle axle dust shields

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I'm rebuilding a knuckle and hub but it appears the knuckle doesn't have the axle dust shields on it.

Based on the parts diagram there are 2 to fit in the same place and a few versions of it.

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Here it shows 42452A/B which when I select the ABS part 43246-17030 number it comes up with this ring which makes sense as it has the round hole for the ABS sensor and then a flange for friction fit in the knuckle.
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Of which when looking at used parts shows this ring in the knuckle sitting over the snap ring. To me this makes sense as there only needs to be 1 dust shield.
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Then PNC 43247A with part number 43247-12010 shows up as a curved ring similar to the actual axle dust shield. This would not fit to the knuckle.
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Can anyone confirm that I only need 43246-17030 with the ABS hole in it and not the latter?
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I suspect the later actually goes on the axle stub and not the knuckle. The shape matches the axle and definitely not the knuckle.
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