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Now that my project is nearing a the end l thought I would do a basic write up on how I did it,
Back in April 2016 one of the managers where I work convinced me into having a go at supercharging my 1993 Rev2 MR2. The first thing to do and I'll say this to anyone embarking on a project like this is "Do your research". First things first the Supercharger. I decided that the Eaton M62 from Mercedes SLK 230 would be the best option based on the intake and outlet position, that coupled with the pulley size calculation giving me 5psi ii didn't need to change the pulley. After a lot of cutting, fabricating and a lot of swearing the charger was mounted with the pulley inline with the air con pulley . Once again I had to fabricate a bracket to hold the belt tensioner, this was fairly straightforward but I must emphasise the importance of making sure that all of the pulleys are inline.The next item that needed yo be addressed was cooling the compressed air, originally this done through a modified turbo intercooler then later on through a Celica GT4 charge cooler. The piping was fairly straightforward but I did have to make sure the system had a device to release the compressed air when it was not required this was achieved using a bypass valve from a BMW Mini Cooper. With the increase of forced air being pushed into the cylinders and the injectors were changed out for 370cc out of a rev3 N/A. At this point I needed to make sure that the air fuel ratio was correct so I fitted a wideband O2 sensor and gauge. The fuelling, ignition timing is controlled using a Digital ECU Tuner piggyback ECU. or as it's known throughout the internet is a DET3.
The DET3 is so easy to use and has a dyno function which I used to check that the air/fuel ratios were correct, once they are within an acceptable Stoichiometric value the fuelling map was saved. Just under a year later it was MOT time and other than having to change the stock O2 sensor it passed the emissions test. The car is currently being used to commute to and from work to ascertain its reliability and after 3 months it's still running , the only problem I have had is a squeaky belt deflector pulley. I suppose now I should divulge what power it's putting out. So far I have only got figures from the DET3 ECU software which calculated that the BHP is between 210 & 227, at some point in the near future I will get it on a rolling road.


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