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It's hard to imagine something that could make Toyota even more noticeable and gorgeous than it is, but the car tuning really knows no boundaries. Car parts manufacturers work hard and constantly look for ways to enhance the design of your ride.

As an authorized dealer of Duraflex, the global car parts maker, we are proud to announce their newest parts. Their body kits and ground effects kits are based on modifications made to race cars that enable them to slice through
the air with minimum resistance, which makes your car as quick as flash.

Duraflex® - Toyota MR2 2005 C-1 Style Body Kit

Duraflex® - Toyota MR2 2005 TS-1 Style Body Kit

VIS Racing is one more well-known performance car parts manufacturer with the excellent reputation. Their GT sport body kit made from fiberglass will perfectly complement the overall look of your Toyota.

VIS Racing® - Toyota MR2 2005 GT Sport Body Kit

Would you install them on your Toyota?

Read more about the manufacturers at
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