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I drove 91 NA and its been running fine after a few minor repair work on an oil leak. Apart from that there are still some annoying problem on my 2 which i haven't figured out.

1) I recently changed my steering wheel from the standard toyota to a Momo millenium steering wheel. However since the installation i noticed that i got some erratic behaviour of my power steering. There isn't any "P/S" light indicator when i have a sudden power steering loss. It only happens when the car is stationary. What seems to be the problem ?

2) When driving down the road about 50-60mph, at times I got a sudden loss of power/change in the gear drive (I'm using an Auto). Its like it shifted to 3rd gear. Could it be time for me to do an overhaul ?

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Well, if you have Electro Hydrolic Power Steering (EHPS) option then this sounds normal. The electric pump for thr PS fluid only comes on at lower speeds. While the MR2 is "stationary" the pump is off. If you start to turn the wheels before moving the car foreward the pump will turn on, so the first bit of turning the steering wheel will be hard (like no PS) then get easier as the pump kicks on. As you start to move foreward and gain speed the pump will cut off (usually at around 30mph). Seeing that you have a MOMO steering wheel now, the smaller diameter steering wheel will be more "responsive" and slightly exaggerate the fell of the PS pump not being kicked on yet (have noticed this with my MOMO but it is not a major concern). You may want to check your steering rack for any leaks though just to make sure.

As for the "gear problem" I'm not real sure. You say you have an AUTOMATIC tranny and it is experiencing a loss of power. If you are "cruising" at 50-60 mph then you should be in the top gear (which is forth--4spd automatic tranny). So, if it downshifted (like you said it feels like) to 3rd then the RPM's would kick up and you should feel a power surge. If you are feeling like the tranny is slipping (RPM's drop and car is sluggish and does not want to downshift when you give it wide open throttle) then you may want to have it checked by a tranny shop you trust. If it is just a power loss feeling then I have to ask this... When was the last time you had a tune up done? Could be as simple as replacing the distributor cap and rotor, and changing the spark plugs and wires. Then you may stop feeling this power loss. Without more info though it is hard to say. HTH

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