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Structural importance of rear window?

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I'm wondering how important the rear window is in an MK1 as far as structural integrity and rigidity goes? The reason I ask is because i'm thinking about making mine with the ability to roll down (i think the del sol has the feature?). I understand the issue of heat from the engine and that it would mess with aerodynamics while down but i'm not planning on removing it outright, just having it be able to roll down for a roadster feel.
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Not much structure. It is designed more to shatter or pop out in the event of a roll over.

The windshield does support about 30% of the body weight or more.
The rear window is simply held in my the rubber strip. There's no glue there. I can't imagine it has any particular structural strength.

I have no idea how you'd alter the geometry of the bodywork enough to roll it down.
perhaps a hinged joint would be easier

you could be like dukes of hazzard and slide into your seat
I think he's talking about the rear rear window ^. The B-pillars are definately structural.

I know you know, but from what I understand you will literally have a strong wind blowing in engine heat and exhaust etc... I don't think it would be drivable with the window down. At least that's what I heard :).
yes the glass above the firewall.
i'm confused now as to which replies were talking about driver/passenger windows (side glass), quarter windows (the triangle shaped ones) or the rear glass that i'm talking about, above the firewall and in front of the engine lid?

what is the rear glass designed to do on rollover? would it destabilize the top a bit if i remove it?

as for a blast of hot air from behind, meh i don't mind, i drive top down in my 240sx in 100+ degree weather and i never use AC in any car (maybe once or twice a year) so go figure. if i lower the rear glass, i would also take out the sunroof and lower the windows (and mess up my hair yay)

PS: i'm 6'3", i dont think the dukes of hazard way of entering would work without major consquent internal bleeding heh
There's always a bit of integrity to auto glass when its surrounded by frame. I've thought about making my rear window a flip down. That'd be nice and a lot easier than going the del sol route.
Someone here on the board had posted pics of a Lexan/Plastic rear window that they used latches to secure. Easily removable, and beacuse of the visor, didnt leak when it rain or anything. I have also heard that the fumes from the engine and exhaust will come right in the car though.
It would be cool if it flipped out. Hinged at the bottom and set to stop at a 45 degree angle.
in my experiments(in my head) i see no adverse side effects

your lungs are designed(by God himself) to inhale up to 99 percent pure exhaust fumes before permanent how much time I didn't ask

In a rollover, the rear wing(you do have one of these designed in the event of a rollover safety devices right?) is intended to keep the car in an upright position...that's if you pull the trunklid release at the correct moment

your seat WILL NOT act as a flotation device as we are not certified to do so by the FAA...since the car was not designed in the event of a water born landing...or any other landing for that matter
Whoa! Have you been drinking? Cause thats the kind of stuff i find myself erasing before i post after a few.
Some jackass shattered my back window many many moons ago and I had to drive abot 60 mile to get a used one. I don't remember what the wind/fumes were like, but the sound was pretty cool. I doubt there is much structural there. It pops in really easy. Put the string in the seal, put against frame and pull string out. Goes right in. I was surprised how easy. I have though about doing a split piece of plexi. Split into top and bottom sections with a piano hinge in between so it folds nice and small for storage. This would be a temp windo of course for like days at the beach or out cruising. Leave glass at the house and carry plexi in trunk in case of rain. Try driving with the window out and tops/sunroof out (if you have them). Sounds really cool with the engine right behind your ears.

6'3" how in the world can you fit in one of these im 5'11" and hit my head from time to time
having a hardtop helps. I'm 6'1 and my old sunroof model used to cause me the odd headache (literally). Seen many taller people in them too.

Anyway onto the topic, I thought about this a while ago too, having it flip down would be the easiest, but it could be a bit of a pain because you'd have to slide both seats forward to make it work.

making it wind down would be more difficult, the window is nearly vertical and the firewall is on a reasonable angle, so the rail system would be quite tricky, as would be making it seal properly.
bc36607 said:
6'3" how in the world can you fit in one of these im 5'11" and hit my head from time to time
Not to hijack the thread, but... 6'4 here, and the tallest I've heard of fitting in an AW11 is 6'8 (?!)...

As for the rear window... It may help prevent the B/C pillar frame from "leaning over" and forming a parallelogram in the event of a rollover event. You would be amazed at the extra stiffness and strength a little sheet or plate material can add to an "open structure" like the B/C pillar frames.

But on the other paw, maybe it's okay.
My friend is 6'7" and he fits on the pass side, but he cant really drive it much due to his knees hitting the steering wheel.
if you go to jcwhitney they say that theres a sliding glass window for trucks that will fit the rear windshield of the mk1
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