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Stolen 91 Mr2

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I come to my fellow bretheren in a plea to keep your eyes open for the Mr2 pictured below. For those members who have had their Mr2 stolen, I empathize with you. I guess the only thing I can take away is a lesson to learn with this whole situation.

- Bone stock (but lowered) 1991 Steel Mist Grey Mr2
- 1993 oem wheels.
- Red skull & crossbones sticker on the rear window
- TKE license plate frame.
- The front bumper has a BIG dent in the middle and there are long key marks on both the doors (if you happen to be that close heh).

VIN# JT2SW22N8M0029319

If you happen to spot anything please call Eric @ 714-488-5331

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was it stolen at your house ?
Dang whats the world coming to? I'll keep an eye for you.
Hope you get it back. What there any type of alarm system to deter the thieves???

how the hell was it stolen? i'm keep both eyes for it man...sad ____ though
thanks for the support everyone. Yea it was actually stolen in front of my house in Diamond Bar. I guess I have only myself to blame for not having a kill switch and/or an alarm.

Be weary!
Hey Eric it's Jon. Man sorry to hear about this. I didn't even recognize the car until I saw the houses in the background. Mark didn't tell me sh_t about it.
im in the area a lot...i'll keep my eye open
wow I live in rowland, now im paranoid as shiet. Diamond bar is only 10 minutes away

which area do u live in?
Good luck on getting your car back. ill make sure i keep To Fist out and two eyes . whats your License Plate number?
onyx - i live pretty close to "The Country"
supa fast (anacrime, LOL) /n0/kenshin/ngo/evil - Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

I picked up my baby this morning!

Tustin Police Department found the car abandoned in an apartment complex. Stereo gone, some wires cut smoooth off... gas almost completely empty. Most of my stuff was still in my car though, fortunately. I don't know how to steal a car but somehow it had to do w/ the cigarette lighter because it was totally pulled out and detached for what seems to be another purpose.

All this for a 90's era alpine head unit w/ a broken CD player. (Supports the fact that you shouldn't steal from a college student anyway!)

If you ever have your car stolen, post in the forum because I always take notice of any MR2's I come across (as I'm sure many people do on this forum).

Again, thanks for your support everyone.
werd; my car got broken into and my printer was stolen (it was broken anywase). i alwase keep my car empty of anything in case someone wants to go shopping in it. glad you got your car back, i hate car jackers =(
good to here you got your car back man!!!!
me too, thanks!
My car got broken into and i lost my crappy cd deck along with 5 bucks of change in the astray a while back. I had my brand new H/T bushing kit right on the passenger seat and he didnt take it, along with my 230 bucks titanium oakley glasses in the glove box. LOL how strange is that???????
^^bro you live in one of the nuttiest neighborhood! lol:) glad you got your car back!
Lucky man.. glad to hear you got it back.. my gf lives in diamond bar/phillips ranch..a few of her neighbors had there cars broken into over there.. just be careful and garage your car
Thats good your cars back with almost nothing gone. (sucks for the head unit though) Where or how far away was it recovered?
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