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I was havin a welder/mechanic weld on my broke sway bar bracket, and he was going to see if he could fit it, and he says my front stabilizer links are no good. I dont know exactly what he means by this, or why they wouldnt work, but he says I need 2 new 1's, and he has no reason to profit off of this, other than for me to go out, find some, and him to attatch them and finish putting the sway bar on again. I went to toyota and they priced them at 88 dollars a peice. Meanwhile I only have about 250 dollars total, wallet, bank account, and money stashed away, along with 2 tickets, one for 42 in a 30, and another for 65 in a 30 coming up which I estimate to cost me 500 to 1000 dollars, so Im already in debt up to my neck. What can I do, any1 have any ideas on solving my problems?

Btw I only make 70 bucks a week, so if Im gonna get this problem out of the way by buying my way out, the car wont pass inspection but for several more months. Any1 have some used stabilizer links or know where I can get them cheaper than 88 bucks? Maybe the MR2 used the same as some other more common toyota car that I can get off out of a jyard, i dunno. Help!

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The High & Tight ones from are about $100 for a set. If you want something a little cheaper, I have an extra set of lightly used 93+ front end links. I replaced everything when I put new struts on in 2003, and then a year and 4000 or so miles later replaced them with the High & Tight ones. Email me if you are interested.

If anyone is interested, I also have 1 extra 93+ rear end link, and an extra set of front 88 end links.

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