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spotted: perry?

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yeah, was on my way to jimmy's today and i saw a yellow widebody deuce with black top at the stop light. i was driving an aquamarine mr2. just wanted to say nice car :thumbup
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yeah, it should be my brother perry
where? i don't remember seeing aquamarine'd i missed it!! >_<!! anyways, thanks, if that was me that u spotted :D
hm, whoever it was, he waved and i waved back. haha.
do u have 91 tails and n/a engine lid? body kit..etc?
yeah 91 tails, turbo lid, no kit.
i don't think that was me, i don't remember waving at another 2 owner....most of the time i see mk2s they are women or old guy...

unless u remember when and where..
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