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I have other threads in the 3S-GTE section but I thought that I should post here as well considering it is a JDM engine and you guys might be able to help a little better.

OK, the swap came without a fuel pump relay or fuel pump resistor pack but the fuel pump is wired directly to the circuit opening relay so fuel is good. My 7.5A fuse and wires are all connected to the engine bay fuse box so spark should be good electrically, ri...wrong. I'm not getting spark.

For other people who have done this swap or just know what to look for, could you tell me what I might check on to see if I can generate some spark?

I plan on starting from the spark plugs and working my way back to find the problem, could I use a multi-meter to check to see if I'm getting any kind of current through the wires or distributor or anything? Anyone else have this problem?

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