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somethings wrong...still having problems even after replacement parts

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:nutkick: alright...getting pissed now...a few days ago i had the alternator belt snap...we replaced the belt...the clutch was pretty much shot when i bought the car but did not really go out until Saturday of last week...i just got it back today after it being two days at euro sports...the clutch is brand new and works awesomely...but for some reason when i floor the accelerator the car is still not as fast as it used to be...the turbo is spooling up and everything it even hits 10 pounds just as it always has...euro sports said i had a boost leak but they fixed it, the problem with that was that one of the small rubber connectors that connect the ic pipes to each other had small cracks in it or something like that...anyways they replaced that...I'm taking it back in the morning to show them what i mean but yeah its starting to piss me off...the car lurches a bit trying to get up to speed I'm just really hoping i that there is nothing internal that broke or something...any suggestions would be helpful...
FYI...mostly stock engine, bov, greddy exhaust, air intake. thats pretty much it...
Dan Thomas
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