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Problem solved, no need to bother if anyone reads this later.

Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my ignition system. I've gone through all my wiring, done the tests on my distributor and coil assemblies, but despite everything looking fine, I can't get any spark. At this point, it seems like either there's something wrong with the distributor or the ECU, but I don't have money to just buy parts until it fixes itself.

If someone has a '93 5SFE distributor (it's the version with a built-in coil pack), and/or a '93 5SFE A/T ECU (I swapped to an M/T, but I don't think I can use an M/T ECU without swapping the entire harness out), I would like to borrow it long enough to see if one of those components fixes the problem.

If it does fix the problem and you don't need them, we could work out a price and I'll buy the part from you. Otherwise I'll return it and at least I'll know what I need.

I live out of Three Points, west of Tucson, but I go to school and work in Tucson. An ideal solution would be if I could come pick the part up during the day, then test it that night and bring the part back the next day. Or, if you're feeling charitable, you could drive it out to me in the evening. :angel: But it's like an hour each way depending on what part of Tucson you're in.

Thanks. :)
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