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so what do you think Ill be putting to the wheels?

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Ive finally got all my parts on order and am now just waiting for the stuff to ship.

After all is said and done I will have (on a rebuilt 91T motor w/ 45K miles on it, compression test was in the 180s/190s):

APEX Power intake
ATS 3" DP (no cat)
GReddy PE cat-back
Berk IC w/ fan & shroud
ATS upgraded FPR
ATS 170* thermostat
Blitz turbo timer (BFD)

all on CA 91 pump gas & if it wasnt mentioned, its stock.

I will be running ~ 15 PSI for daily driving conditions.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to the power produced?
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come on guys this is CLEARLY documented stuff.
Youll be able to beat those hondas, thats all i can say , with a 4 car start and take off. :)
Well if Aaron did 271 with 17 psi and probably 100 hours of intensive mad scientist type tuning with Ken e-mailing him every 1/2 hour for an update, I'd say 250 with a good tail wind...but I'm hoping for 255 for you!
1$ Bob.

Nah, Ill take....253.
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