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So how many MR2s and in Are-Kansas?

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Norm... :)
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This past August, my son and i went to the Vintage VW show in Eureka Springs, Ak. this year not in our 1960 VW bus, but took our recently acquired white 1993 Mr2 to the event. Arkansas roads are very conducive to good cruising in our Mr. Didn't see any of you guys . :smile:
Kirk Plepla said:
hey zentoyotadriver, I try to stay out of eureka springs, Ha, I know what your saying, some of the roads around here are fun to drive on. Especially the ones on the way to Eureka Springs.
Wow, ES is a fun spot ,especially for us in the Tulsa area. We try to go there a few times a year. Once is always the VW show in late August and then a couple of times solo or with another couple...great place to visit. We go to a cheapo motel called Swiss Inn of the's like $40 a night and dinner can be had for like $20 somewhere. Maybe several of us could meet in ES sometime for a cheapo weekend...has been my experience to make reservations during the fall when the leaves are changing...w/b a great place to cruise...

At the VW show , the wet-dubs invade with about 30+ nice cars and all motel and cruise impressive.

MR2 Josh said:
I think you guys are the only 3. All of the other MR2 owners came to their senses along time ago and relized what state they were living in and moved! :p

Why do you want to know Bill?
Hey, were you the cook at the Denton meet last sunday in Texas? i don't know Arkansas sure is a beautiful piece of real estate.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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