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So how many MR2s and in Are-Kansas?

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Norm... :)
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I have 4 - does that help? None running at the time. And I know of at least 4 more guys on the forum, plus maybe another 3 or so that aren't.

Gee, Bill - thanks for letting me know we had our own group now! :rolleyes:
Yeah - more in the Fayetteville / Quad Cities area than anywhere else - at least as far as forum members.
Anybody know who owns the white MkI that's just north of the MO border on the east side of US71? It's been there for years - not sure if it even runs.

My friend John has my old MkII-T, in Little Rock, but he doesn't have a computer. :shakeshea

I know of 2 other MkII's and at least 3 other MkI's in the Little Rock - but only know the owners of 2 of them (and I used to own both of those). There's one yellow MkI that I met a previous owner of - what a case!! He offered me a whole $10 for a good rear visor - saying he could get one anywhere; and insisted that he'd had his to over 150 MPH. :rolleyes:

There's also Leo - probably our oldest member at ~77. He lives in either Perry or Perryville, can't remember which, and has a nice '86 with a S/C transplant.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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