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The internal spring mechanism that provides the resistance to keep the mirror in place has somehow broken on both my mirrors in the span of a year. Its odd because I can probably count on two hands how many times I have folded the mirrors in, but as it so happens I did just that in the past year and each mirror emitted a loud "SNAP" and then no longer stays in place.

I can see the problem, but not the fix. The c-clip that popped off did so because the notch it used to reside in no longer has enough metal in place to retain it. (I've had this car 10 years, but I'm assuming the previous owner was folding these mirrors on the regular and wore down these pieces).

So....I can't be the only one. Any known fix for this? Car is all original paint 91' SMG with only 70K. I'm not trying to buy mirrors of a different color and repaint them unless there is no other way. Plus, its crazy to scrap the entire assembly when just this one little part is shot. But, as it stands now the car hasn't been driven in months because the mirrors are useless (fold flat against that car at anything over 30MPH)

Thank you for ANY help.


Point with pen to place where clip had attached. Whatever groove had been present is hardly visible now.
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