SMG 1993 NA 5 speed for saleCar has a “salvage title” due to the vehicle being stolen brand new from the dealership in 1993 from the PO. I will post the picture of the carfax info below. The car was repainted before and it shows. All vins in tact and the car runs great with no issues.

Below is a list of service done to the vehicle within the past 2 months.

6/9/22 Brand new tires 238,431 miles

6/12/22 Brand new rotors/pads/rear passenger caliper and stainless steel brake lines. Complete flush of new brake fluid. TRD/Cs hybrid short shifter, weighted shift knob, drop plate, shifter bushings, new E-Brake Cable, Solid shifter linkage bushings, floor/cargo mats, 12 pin injectors, valve cover gasket, valve cover nuts, fuel filter/ spark plugs, cap, rotor, oil change and complete Toyota red coolant flush.
238,600 miles

7/20/22 Ceramic tint including T-Tops and Viper Alarm install with “kill feature” 239,010 miles

8/17/22 New AC Compressor, Condensor, drier, expansion valve and Harmonic Balancer replaced. 239,600 miles

The car runs great and blows really cold AC. I have a lot of new parts still not installed. As well as a “black” passenger door card. Has all the finder well covers as well all the under panel covers, except the one plastic piece under the radiator. Radio works as well as all the speakers.
I have receipts and pictures of all the parts installed. Slowly changing the interior into black colored pieces.

This is my 5th SW20 MR2 (91 NA AMP/94 NA SMG/ 94 NA /94 Turbo) and a new “paint job” this SMG will be good to go.

Always has been a California owned MR2.

No rush to sell and still use and enjoy driving it.