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let's try this again, see if this will post properly.

Retired from racing, a great car at a discount price for MR2 folks.

Location: near Baltimore Maryland

1986 Toyota MR2 - SCCA FP road racing legal

Car and spares: $6000

Several wins in NASA PTE, many top 3 finished in SCCA FP
Formerly SSC, and ITA (with many wins and top finishes in both classes)

Currently equipped:
Custom Fiberglass hood
Fully adjustable coilover suspension
Variety of wheels, 14x7, 15x7, 14x6, etc
Engine overbore .04
David Dixon Performance Engineer motor
rods heat fit to pistons, cylinder face was cut, full rotating balance
11:1 compression ratio
Stock cams installed, spare HKS 256 cams included
Custom Racing ECU along with spare stock ECUs included
Stock fuel injectors cleaned
Custom header
Limited slip diff
Seriously well built roll cage with NASCAR side protection on both sides
Ground control coilovers fully adjustable suspension
5 point harness in perfect shape but outdated
Passenger seat with 5 point harness
Needs: new tires (current tires are kinda square), general race-prep nothing crazy
Log books: both SCCA and NASA
GREAT package for someone who wants to start out, a great car that is fast and safe

HKS 256 cams spare
Large fuel injectors (RC Racing PL2-320)
Spare NIB KYB shocks
Spare Hawk Blue and Porterfield race brake pads
Spare coils, injectors, various engine parts
Several sets of wheels, including stock "triangle" wheels (used for wet tires)
Urethane motor mounts, suspension components
Many spare body parts: doors, hoods, fenders
Spare wheel hubs, block, pistons, trans
WAY more spares than can fit here - fill your truck.
BONUS: Full radio set, 4 radios, headset, scanner included!

ALSO available for package or separately:
16' Open Landscape Trailer (used to haul the car) $2000 (SOLD)
Nearly new 5500 Watt Generator $500
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