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I am still getting messages from scammers when I posted a WTB on here.
How to spot a scammer:
1. Long screen name on this forum
2. Look at screen name, when it was “joined”
3. You are ask to send an email to a friend
4. Look for “sent from Tapatalk”
5. The scammer has 3 first names in
6. If you contact him via email, check time stamped when he replied. Remember Lagos, Nigeria is 8 hrs ahead of PACIFIC COAST TIME.
7.Ask for pictures of item via TXT message. Not email. He can grab pictures from the web and email you.
8.He wants PayPal via “Friend and family” Or Cashapp.
9. He call you “Sir” in email responses.
10. the price is so cheap.
Buyer beware!
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