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S54/E153 mount compatibility?

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I’m swapping out the S54 trans for an E153 finally, 8 years post gen4 swap. I noticed the rear bracket from the S54 doesn’t bolt up to the E153, so I’ll have to get that bracket. But what about the rubber side?

Are the front mount parts compatible? The bolt holes line up from the bracket to the transmission, but will there be an alignment issue with S54 hardware on the front of the E153?
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The U-shaped bracket that bolts to the front of the transmission is the same part number NA or turbo.

The front and rear chassis side mounts (with the rubber in them) are different part numbers, but I think the only difference is the amount of rubber in the mount - the turbo mounts are more fully filled to provide better torque damping. So try your NA mounts on the front. If they don't line up, then you'll know the difference between the turbo and NA chassis side mounts is more than just the rubber insert.
Im trying to avoid finding out when I’m installing it, but that's encouraging information. I ordered poly inserts for NA mount, so I’m really hoping I can keep the chassis side parts. They do specify NA/turbo for the poly inserts, like they’re different diameters or something.
The drop-in inserts that Kirkosarus used to sell - they just filled the air gaps in the OEM rubber - were different because the NA and turbo had different amounts of rubber.
What kind of inserts are you thinking of? I thought the only ones available now are ones that fully replace the OEM rubber part and the metal bushing.
These are what I got

Those are ones "which fully replace the old rubber." Expect more NVH transmitted into the chassis.
Yes I’m prepared for that. Soft/worn NA mounts with my gen4 swap have caused enough damage lol chewed up the flex section on the down pipe and broke a mounting tab off the intercooler. I’ll also be adding an X brace, so I’d like to avoid as much unnecessary movement as possible.
Curious as to why you're swapping out the S54.

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I’ve had this E153 sitting around for several years in case the S54 failed. The clutch ended up failing, so I figured now is as good a time as any to make the swap. And a couple of the S54 synchros were beginning to wear. Oh, and LSD 😎
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